The "normal" everyday makeup trend has become so popular that makeup artist Esha Javed decided to get creative with it for her latest look.

Esha, a homeschooled high school junior, was inspired by an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where SpongeBob became "normal" for a short period of time.

"In the actual episode, SpongeBob was seen as weird and 'not normal' just because he went out of the box on a day to day basis," Esha told Fresh U. "That's exactly what makeup artists do, we explore, we create new refreshing ideas, and most importantly, we defy what is perceived as the 'normal' day to day makeup."

Esha's tweet follows a trend of meme-inspired looks from various makeup artists.

Some of these looks even include references to other SpongeBob episodes.

Once Esha saw other makeup artists jumping onboard with the meme trend, she thought she'd try it, too.

"It was so goofy and I felt so inspired by it solely because drawing an actual meme or cartoon on my eyelids could show more personality through makeup than anything I'd seen, so I jumped into it," she explained. "The first thing that came up into my head was that it wasn't normal to be doing something like that. You would expect a mua [makeup artist] to create sharp cut creases and editorial looks, so I wanted to defy that and show that looks like these should be accepted to do also! Of course there was sarcasm in the post, but the meaning behind it is genuine."

In the episode Esha referenced in her tweet, SpongeBob soon accepts himself as "not normal," which Esha said reflected parts of her own personality.

"I'm someone who goes out of the box and does silly things all the time, but that doesn't mean I am not acceptable in society, just as any quirky and out of the box looks shouldn't be looked down upon," she said, "[like] how SpongeBob later realized that it was okay for him to not be normal!"

With over 23,000 likes, it's safe to say Twitter users have embraced the look, partly because it was so well-done, and partly because it related back to memes.

"Everyone has been so so supportive and I've never felt this happy to be a mua," Esha said. "Gaining recognition for something you love doing is an ultimate goal."

Lead Image Credit: Twitter