When Alyssa Lopez saw negative posts about pit bulls on her social media feed, she decided to prove everyone wrong with photos of her own dog, Buddy.

The junior at Mountain Ridge High School has always felt pit bulls don’t deserve their bad reputation.

“People have been known to breed pit bulls purely for fighting,” Alyssa told Fresh U via Twitter direct message. “What a lot of people don’t understand, though, is that it’s not the dog’s fault at all … it’s the ignorant people who think it’s okay to raise dogs to fight.”

Alyssa shared her message on social media in an attempt to inform people about the true nature of pit bulls and other breeds.

“I’ve realized that social media is a good way to create a movement,” Alyssa said. 

Her tweet has inspired other pet-owners to share pictures of their own "aggressive" pit bulls.

Alyssa's post even inspired a new meme about the rapper Pitbull.

“Most people are used to seeing all the bad and scary photos of pitbulls so I think by showing them a different side, it really changed their perspective,” Alyssa said. “And who doesn’t love a cute dog anyways.”

Although she hoped to inform people with her tweet, Alyssa never expected it to have over 113,000 retweets and 293,000 likes.

“I didn’t expect it to go viral,” she said. “If anyone deserves to go viral, it’s my pit bull.”

Lead Image Credit: Alyssa Lopez