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Jan 29 2017
by Katie Czerwinski

This College Athlete Had the Best Reaction When His Mom Surprised Him At One of His Games

By Katie Czerwinski - Jan 29 2017

D’Aubre Doucette, a sophomore basketball player at Grossmont College, prepared for his team’s game against Southwestern College like he would have for any other game. One thing he hadn’t prepared for was seeing his mother just before the game after an entire year apart.

D’Aubre told Fresh U over Twitter direct message that his mother is a travel nurse and has been spending several months in different parts of the country, most recently in Hawaii. She traveled to California just to see her son play.

“The fact that she did all that just to watch me play for 40 minutes, she’s who I do it for,” he said.

Seeing his mom meant even more to D’Aubre because of the challenges he has overcome. He started playing college basketball as a freshman at Fullerton College, but after being injured, he had to wait a few years until he could start playing again. He is now in the recruiting stage of the junior college circuit at Grossmont College at the age of 22.

D’Aubre was clearly excited to see his mother at the game, but he hasn’t been the only one grateful to have her at a basketball game throughout his athletic career.

“In high school, she was known for having the crowd into the game,” D’Aubre said. “Cheerleaders loved her – all the fans, parents, students. She was in the newspaper for being so energetic and supportive.”

Twitter users have had a similar reception to D’Aubre’s mother.

“It’s like people were able to feel the love and the passion we share for each other right in the video,” he said. “People feel connected to it.”

D’Aubre said having his mother there made him calm yet anxious and that the team wanted to “put a show on for her as well.” They did just that, seeing as Grossmont beat Southwestern College 77-55.

“She’s the reason why I wake up every day and push to be the best I can be as a person and athlete,” D’Aubre said. “So I just was excited to showcase my growth as not only a basketball player, but as a man and a son.”

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Katie Czerwinski - Syracuse University

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