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Jun 25 2017
by Katie Czerwinski

11 of the Funniest Tweets About the New Snapchat Update

By Katie Czerwinski - Jun 25 2017

Last week, Snapchat released a new update which included the Snap Map. The new feature allows you to see your friends' locations and they can see yours if you aren't in Ghost Mode, that is — which can only mean one thing.

Here's how Twitter users have been handling the new update:

1. Some people are grateful to know their friends' locations.

2. It's made some of us feel a little lonely.

3. But others have found it to be a great resource.

4. People are already excited to use the update during fall semester.

5. And even though school's out, they're learning plenty of geography.

6. Some are taking full advantage of Ghost Mode.

7. While others seem to have forgotten to turn it on.

8. We're all going to have to start getting ready for things a little earlier.

9. And the new update has been a bit of a distraction.

10. It's made people appear to be in some weird situations.

11. But most of all, the update has really shown our true colors.

Happy snapping!

Lead Image Credit: KeithIsRaw via Twitter

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Katie Czerwinski - Syracuse University

Katie Czerwinski is a senior at Syracuse University studying magazine with a minor in psychology. She is obsessed with pineapples, long naps, and cooking shows. Follow her on Instagram @katie.czerwinski or on Twitter @katieczerwinski

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