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Nov 09 2016
by Kat Korolishin

17 Young Women React to U.S. Election Results

By Kat Korolishin - Nov 09 2016

After the largest upset in modern American history, Donald J. Trump became America’s president elect last night. For a lot of young voters, this was their first election and the outcome has surprised millions. While the country spends the next week working to figure out what is next, there are millions of young people reflecting on what this election means for them. Young women, a pivotal demographic in the election, are a particular group seeking hard for logic and hope amiss the chaos. 

Fresh U asked young, female first time voters what their reactions to the results of last night’s election are. We would like to share some with you.

*The views in this article belong to the person who said them. Fresh U remains an impartial source seeking to highlight as many differing viewpoints as possible. We have left them exactly as they were submitted to maintain the integrity of the speaker’s intended impact.*

1. Maya Ungar

“I am in shock and honestly feel a bit numb. I don't understand how half of our country can support a man who exemplifies the most negative stereotypes of America.”

2. Claire Dougherty, Penn State University

“I woke up in a country that is so vastly different than the one I thought I knew 24 hours ago. I’ve been frustrated in my government before, but I’ve never been fearful until today.” 

3. Rebecca Vineyard, NYC

“Remember before yesterday when we were all like ‘Fuck 2016, what a terrible year? LOL.’”

4. Sydney Leibfritz, Sewanee: University of the South

"Honestly, it's horrifying that he made it this far, but it's over now. He's going to be president, and the most important thing at the moment is to find a way to use these next four years to bring together the parties and minimize the damage it could potentially bring. I don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be, but it's definitely not ideal for protecting our country's culture.”

5. Adrianna Stallworth, UNC Chapel Hill

“Today I told my mom, ‘I’m tired of always having to be the strong one’ As a bi-racial woman with a disability, I hope for a better future, but I am not sure where to go from here.”

6. Abigayl Kellar, Syracuse University

 “How the fuck can someone who isn’t qualified get the highest ranking position in the country that requires the most experience.”

7. Abby Thomas, St. Joe’s University

“Although I am a white woman and have much less to worry about than others, I have never felt so heavy-hearted for this country. My heart literally aches for so many people today.”

8. Alyssa DeBise, Penn State University

“I am disgusted and ashamed to live in a country that would vote a sexist, racist, homophobic man as president. It just goes to show that some Americans are still stuck in the past, continuing to treat women and minorities with disrespect.”

9. Hannah Cahill, NYC

“I feel alienated in the place that I am supposed to call home and I feel claustrophobic in my own skin.”

10. Emilee Schluth, Appalachian State University

“I stayed up to watch the results come in and when he received those final electoral votes, my heart sank into my feet. She won the popular vote, the system failed us. I don’t want to believe that the Presidency, House, and Senate are all red now.”

11. Maddie Nice, Temple University

"I have fear for women like myself and every single person and minority group out there who is not a straight white male. This country is hateful beyond comprehension. Our government is seeing red. But we will not give up, we will continue to fight because we are stronger together."

12. Madison Thomson, Virginia Tech 

"Although we did not have the outcome many of us had hoped for, seeing the Electoral College map of just millennials makes me wonder if we should always be the ones taking the blame for the bad things that happen in this world."

13. Ayela McDonald, Kutztown University

"While he may have won the election, we need to remember that this isn't 'his' America it is OUR America."

14. Erin Maguire, Drexel University

"It is extremely disheartening to witness a man who centered his campaign around bigotry and hate win this election. I will continue to fight for what I believe in and hope that one day love and compassion can overcome hate."

15. Morgan Hagen, University of WI Milwaukee

"Not only am I scared of how women and other minorities will be affected by this, but we're at an age where his decisions could affect our future children. What if my daughter can't get the help she needs because organizations like Planned Parenthood have been defunded?"

16. Madeline Mellett, Temple University

"Today I woke up and walked out into a different sense of energy around me in the city of Philadelphia. I could see the emotions pouring out of people just walking by them; a young Asian female was wearing a sign that wrote 'I am now scared for my safety' – I could not have said it any better. I am scared for not only everyone's life who Trump does not care about, but for all of our futures to achieve our own personal success and happiness."

and finally, 

17. Bethany Neilson, Brigham Young University

“I have no words.”

Lead Image Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons 

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