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Oct 13 2016
by Katie Weaver

8 Things Journalism Majors Want You to Know

By Katie Weaver - Oct 13 2016

When you're a journalism major, chances are you'll receive some unwelcome advice, unsolicited judgement and totally ridiculous assumptions about what it means to study this misunderstood art. Here are eight nuggets of wisdom we journalism majors want to clear up.

1. Yes, we know what we're up against.

Journalism is one of those majors like philosophy or art history; you ask, how can anyone get a job in that field? We understand that journalism, while definitely a lucrative field, is a little difficult to break into.

2. But don't think journalism is dead.

If journalism is dead, then why do Twitter accounts like @nytimes and @npr have a combined follower count of over 36 million? Yes, newspapers are struggling, but online journalism is taking off. People still want news, and there has to be someone to give them that news.

3. We don't all want to be on television.

For some of us, the thought of sitting at a desk with a camera in our face while reporting the news in front of millions of people is a fate worse than death. BuzzFeed exists for a reason, people.

4. Actually, we don't necessarily want to be famous.

Journalism shouldn't be about making a name for yourself; rather, journalists should want to expose the truth and improve the lives of others along the way. *mic drop*

5. We're a little addicted to social media.

Remember what I mentioned about how journalism is changing? We have to be on top of it, hence why we continuously refresh our Twitters to get the latest up-to-the-minute content from top journalists of the platform.

6. We will correct you if you're wrong. Sorry not sorry.

Journalism is kind of all about reporting the truth. We have to get our facts straight with everything, so when we hear someone misinterpret facts from current events, we're going to say something.

7. We have opinions and we will share them.

Sure, they say journalism should be unbiased and objective, but since we're always looking through information, we're going to have to form an opinion about some of it. And since journalism is all about sharing your work, we might let some of it slip once in a while...

8. We have a passion for information.

We want to learn new things and relay them to the world. If we can hear facts and tell them to someone to better his or her life, we've done our job correctly.

Whether we're writers, broadcasters or pioneers of a hot new platform, journalism majors are looking to change the world, one story at a time. 

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Katie Weaver - Temple University

Katie is a freshman majoring in journalism at Temple University. She started out writing cheesy short stories and wax-inspirational poems, but she has since discovered the joys of nonfiction. Her dream job is to be a writer for The New Yorker or a reporter for CNN. When she's not writing, she enjoys playing the violin, listening to many different types of music, and dreaming about traveling the world.

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