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Jul 30 2016
by Kat Roth

What Your Drink of Choice Says about Your Study Habits

By Kat Roth - Jul 30 2016

Studying is always made a bit more bearable with a good drink, but what does your favorite beverage say about you? These common drinks and their caffeine levels can say a lot about a person!

1. Coffee


You’ve had a hard week. You’ve had a hard year. You pour yourself another cup of coffee, black, because coffee now makes up part of your blood and your soul. You have a few assignments lined up and there is plenty of time to complete them, but the thought of sitting at this table and working for the next few hours is already overwhelming. You can’t find one crucial page of notes so you just sit there contemplating your life decisions while sipping on your bitter elixir. 

2. Tea


You are a phenomenon. All your friends are in awe in your lack of procrastination. It is 8 AM on a Saturday or after school on a Friday and you thought you would squeeze in a bit of studying before your next yoga class or watercolor session. Sure, you are ahead of the study plan you created ten weeks ago, but you had an extra few minutes so why not sit down with your favorite herbal blend and make your notes look even neater.

3. Energy drink


Oops you did it again. It’s literally 4:00 AM and that paper is due first thing in the morning. You pound that energy drink down with the hopes of gaining a will to live again. “Never again," you think, but that is a lie and you know it. Your hands are shaking and you have only two pages left to write. As you finish the last paragraph, you remember that math worksheet you needed to do as well. You whimper and fall into an erratic sleep at your desk until your alarm sounds half an hour later.

4. Water


You just got home from school and are getting started on your homework right away. This is a habit you’ve had for years. Your water keeps you hydrated as you work, but goes untouched for hours as you lose yourself in your reading and writing. You finally look up and finish your last gulp of water as you realize you have an hour or two before dinner. You quickly grab a snack (carrots and hummus) and go right back to work.

5. Soda


Part of you has given up completely, but it is not super late yet (probably like 5:00 PM). You like the caffeine because existing without it is hard, but you chose this soda more out of habit. You’ll be finished working by evening, even if the assignment isn’t completed. You still won’t go to bed at a healthy time because of the lure of social media or electronics.

6. Hot Cocoa


It is dark out and you have a couple of hours before you need to go to bed. You only have one assignment left and it is getting chilly so you curled up with your laptop in a nest of blankets and decided to finish your work on a sweet note. Your life is straight out of Tumblr. You finish your work a bit earlier than expected and decide to watch your favorite Disney movie again.

So, how accurate was this list? Personally, I drink tea but act like I drink coffee. Tag yourself and your friends!

Lead Image Credit: Anna Toman via Flickr Creative Commons

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Kat Roth -

Kat goes to UC Davis and studies Food Science.

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