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Feb 24 2016
by Katherine Kokeas

10 Freshman Year Lessons Elle Woods Taught Me

By Katherine Kokeas - Feb 24 2016

Getting used to a new school is tough, but with a little advice from everyones favorite Delta Nu, that doesn't mean it has to be scary. 

1) Always come to class prepared; just showing up doesn't cut it any more.

2) Wear what you want, your opinion is the only one that matters here.

3) Stick to that gym schedule. It helps with balancing stress.

4) Say "hi" to people around campus. A simple smile may make someones day.

5) You can never have too many friends. Get to know new people.

6) Pick a major that you are happy in and passionate about. Don't pick one to please anyone but yourself, because you're the one that will do this forever.

7) Don't judge people. Everyone grew up with a different past, you don't really know what their life is like.

8) Work hard. There is no better feeling than being proud of your grades when you've put your all into your work.

9) The dating game will be tough at times. But get up, dust yourself off, and learn, because college is the time to make mistakes and learn from them.

10) When you feel stressed out, look at how far you've come, and think of what you know you can accomplish.

Freshman year:

 "What? Like it's hard?"

Lead Image Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

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Katherine Kokeas - Syracuse University

Communications Freshman at Syracuse University.

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