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Dec 26 2015
by Katherine Kokeas

50 Lessons I Learned My First Semester of College

By Katherine Kokeas - Dec 26 2015

1. Sometimes a night in watching movies with your friends is more fun than any party could be.

2. People will break your heart. Let them. Learn from it.

3. Everyone has some story. It will come out in time. They are not different; you just didn’t really know them.

4. You don’t *need* another drink. But if you're feeling OK, have it anyway. 

5. Cookies always taste better after 11pm. Or with friends.

6. Your RA will always be there for you. Appreciate that. And thank them for it.

7. You’re going to cry in your dorm one night. It’s normal. It even helps.

8. Call your grandparents. Go do it now.

9. Don’t forget study breaks.

10. Find those cute cafes in your college town. This is your home now, make it feel like it.

11. No one cares what you wear.

12. Go to office hours. And not just during finals week.

13. Talk to your professors, they’re actually really cool people.

14. Everyone is dealing with issues you know nothing about.

15. Say good morning to people you pass in the halls.

16. Always keep an umbrella with you. And gum.

17. Know the campus. If people ask you directions, it feels great to actually know what you’re taking about.

18. Girls, wear those heels. You look great. And feeling great makes class bearable.

19. Put yourself out there. Fail majorly. Fail gloriously. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

20. Go to class. You may learn something.

21. Push yourself. But don’t hate yourself. There’s a difference, learn it.

22. Most problems can be fixed with a hot shower. Or hot chocolate.

23. If you feel alone, tell someone. Chances are, they feel alone as well.

24. Run down the street with your friends, laughing, drunk at 2 am.

25. Appreciate starry nights and sunny days.

26. Never underestimate the power of hugs.

27. Appreciate people with the same music taste as you.

28. Things are only awkward if you let them get to you.

29. The days go by quickly. Do things ahead of time, but make memories along the way.

30. If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing roommate, don’t take it for granted. Be there for your roommate. They’re there for you.

31. Text your brother or sister anytime something makes you laugh.

32. Girls, 2am bathroom conversations are the best. Or in the bathrooms of bars.

33. Don’t let other people dictate your happiness.

34. You’re always going to regret drunk texts and phone calls.

35. Join new clubs, even if you’re doing it alone. One can never have too many friends.

36. Don’t forget to text your friends from home. Distance doesn’t affect friendship.

37. Expect the unexpected. Learn to roll with the punches. College is different for everybody, you don’t know what to expect. But dive in head first with a positive attitude, and you’ll be fine.

38. Call your parents and tell them you love them. Trust me, you don’t do it enough.

39. You don’t appreciate your family as much until you come home. Don’t take that feeling for granted.

40. Don’t forget, you’re a teenager. Mess up. It’s your job. Just make sure you learn from it.

41. Every person you meet will teach you a lesson. Some will hurt more than others.

42. Take selfies with your friends and ignore anyone who says not to. They’re great to scroll through on a rainy day.

43. Hold doors for people. You never know what might make someone’s day.

44. Don’t burn bridges with people in your school. You’re here for 4 years.

45. Sometimes laughing with friends is better than any prescription a doctor could give.

46. Never reread old text messages. What’s in the past is done.

47. You will pull all-nighters. But the feeling of doing well will make them worthwhile.

48. You will laugh, cry, grow, learn, mess up, be proud, and do things you regret. All in one week.

49. You never appreciate getting mail as much as you do in college.

50. The first semester of college goes by in a blink of an eye. Make sure you make the most of it, because its gone before you know it.

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Katherine Kokeas - Syracuse University

Communications Freshman at Syracuse University.

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