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Mar 03 2016
by Katherine Franc

8 Nightmare Situations for Students who Hate Confrontation

By Katherine Franc - Mar 03 2016

1. Your roommate’s side of the room is disgusting.

You love your roommate. Well, you live with your roommate. Your biggest fear is coming home to your happy place to a room of tension which you know will arise if you call her a slob. You constantly fight with whether or not it smells bad enough for you to risk confrontation with someone you are guaranteed to see everyday.

2. Someone spills a drink on you at the party

In one quick dancing yet violent motion, you suddenly find yourself soaking/ wet. To make matters worse, it was blue jungle juice, and your white bralette is ruined. All you want to do is yell at whoever started that domino reaction of shoving, but you can’t muster up the courage to be the drama queen of the party.

3. Your Friend-With-Benefits wants to talk

Odds are, if you even have a friend-with-benefits, it’s probably because you hate confrontation. Hooking up casually is perfect for you because there’s so little communication or tension, but it always has the most dramatic ending. Re-defining something that was loosely defined from the get-go creates a nightmare.

4. You get an unfair grade

One of the reasons people hate confrontation is because people hate bad blood. Approaching a teacher and calling them wrong is terrifying, and then you begin weighing whether or not the grade is worth the emotional torture of fighting it. Overall, teachers usually respect you defending a test or assignment, but questioning authority is not your forte.

5. Someone owes you money

Venmo is everyone’s best and worst friend. It makes rushed/drunk decisions so much easier, but it also provides the best excuse of “I’ll venmo you later!” College is a place where five bucks is critical, and there is nothing more awkward than playing repossessor to a bunch of broke kids.

6. Working on group projects

Group work is a constant struggle between wanting to just do all the work yourself and hating your group members for not doing any. The other concern you have is that if you go all psycho-dictator on the assignment, you worry mutiny will arise, and they will all plot against you on peer evaluations. It’s best to just avoid confrontation with all people you may potentially share a grade with.

7. Your Starbucks order gets messed up

The morning makes everyone a little bit more angry. All you want is to feel alive again, and your perfected order gets messed up by the novice barista. You don't want to be mean because you see how had they tried and they are already busily working on another order, but this is your entire day on the line. The card might read "If your order isn't perfect, let us know," but that is easier said than done.

8. When your parents call you by your full name

Hearing your middle name is a bad sign. Obviously you did something wrong, but your not in the mood to justify it or even discuss it for that matter. You're suddenly overcome by heat and panic as if all your biggest fears are culminating into one conversation. Hopefully though, the conversation will be pretty one-sided so instead of talking back, you can just listen to your mom being confrontational.

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Katherine Franc - Syracuse University

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