This year as new voters step up to the plate of justice and civil responsibility, they have big decisions to make as to whom they would prefer occupying the Oval Office. As a new voter in the Nation's capital, I have observed that despite the majority of young people in the area being highly educated on the political process and each party's platform, they too are dumbfounded and disappointed at their options. As one of my classmates so eloquently put it, "Choosing a candidate in this election is like trying to decide which STD you'd rather have."


This list below is provided not only to educate, but to provide a visual aid of the candidates in their most candid moments. Enjoy!

Hillary Pros:

1. Hillary Clinton is an extremely experienced politician. 


Having served as a 90's First Lady, a state of New York senator and Secretary of State under Obama in his first term, she knows how to operate a government. 

2. She is known to be a fierce advocate of women's rights and the rights of underprivileged children.


However, despite her work for all children to have the same opportunities in life, she is extremely pro choice. 

3. She loves America.


And Pantsuits. 

Hillary Cons:

1. Hillary has been the center of Washington gossip in the past few years. 


She has been accused of sending over 30,000 sensitive government emails from a private server in her home, endangering national security. She then was accused of deleting the sensitive emails. 

2. She was also in the center of the Benghazi scandal a few years ago.


She has been accused of lying to the families of the victims of a Benghazi attack, claiming that the reason for their death was not an organized terrorist attack, when in fact she was heard claiming exactly that before she met with the families. She is also accused of not having provided enough protection to the Americans in Benghazi during her time as Sec. State, though she was repeatedly warned.

3. Hillary is also under scrutiny for some hypocrisy witnessed in the media.

Hillary is disliked due to her failure to release her transcripts from the paid speeches she gave to firms on Wall Street. She has also been seen as a hypocrite for her criticism of the upper class juxtaposed with her affluent lifestyle.

Trump Pros:

1. Many see him as the common man's candidate. 


This is because he is not a politician and has a very candid, non-PC way of speaking his mind. 

2. Many hope he will be able to use his business skills to improve the nation's economy. 


Trump is supposedly worth over $10 BILLION, and owns multiple successful worldwide corporations.

Trump Cons:

1. Trump has been recorded countless times saying sexist, racist and flat-out offensive things in the name of 'honesty.'


Many of his comments have been in public speeches, on social media, and privately recorded. His comments range from calling all Mexicans "rapists" to saying demeaning and sexist things to Megyn Kelly when she embarrassed him publicly, saying that she was just upset because it was her time of the month and many more ~graphic~ things of that nature. 

2. Trump has absolutely no political experience.


He has never held office of any kind, and in fact refers to his main occupation as being a "builder." He has been ridiculed in the past for his inability to answer simple questions regarding his political views and has been known to change his views often, on abortion, for example. 

3. Many people are terrified of allowing such a man access to the nuclear codes. 


Many believe Trump to have such a red hot temper and such little foreign relations experience that he couldn't never be trusted with such massive weaponry or else thousands of lives would be at stake and retaliation from other countries would have awful results. 

4. And he has terrible hair.


See, even his hair is moving to Canada. 

I hope this list really educated my fellow Americans as to the future of our nation. Vote well my friends!

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