After a long week filled with studying and stress, a pamper session allows you to relax and fall into a state of bliss. But in college, a pamper session feels a lot less glamorous when you're accompanied by shower shoes and a shower caddie. Here are my tips to having a relaxing spa night when you have a restricted budget and resources. 

1. Exfoliate and shave (if that's your preference) during your shower.

Although it won't feel as relaxing as a bath, taking the time to exfoliate and shave during a warm shower can make your skin feel smooth and refreshed. 

2. Find the perfect time to shower.

Showering while someone else is in the neighboring shower can feel a little uncomfortable and awkward, so try to find a good lull in the bathroom crowd during which you can grab a shower. Usually, the dorm bathrooms tend to be more empty in the early evenings or late at night.

3. Turn on some nice music.

Find some relaxing playlists, whether it's ambient noises or acoustic covers, to play as you treat yourself. A good song can make you forget about the unpleasantness of a communal bathroom.

4. Use an essential oil diffuser.

This is a good alternative to candles, which are typically not allowed in dorms. A little aromatherapy can never hurt! 

5. Break out some sheet masks.

Sheet masks are a great way to get your skin feeling refreshed without the mess or price of other types of face masks. 

6. Paint your nails.

If you want a low budget way to feel boujee, try grabbing a new nail polish color. Plus, having your nails done will make typing an essay on your laptop a lot less monotonous. 

7. Moisturize your feet.

It may sound a little weird at first, but your feet are probably a little calloused and dry from hiking around campus. Try putting on a little moisturizer and then some fuzzy socks to make your feet feel smooth. 

8. Make it a roommate bonding session.

A great way to have fun with your roommate or other friends is to host a spa night! Add in some movies for a perfect girl's night. This could be a good alternative to partying if you are not the partying type. 

I hope these tips inspire you to have a relaxing spa night because taking the time to improve the way you look can help boost your confidence. When you feel more confident you'll be able to perform better in school, so take this spa night as an opportunity to help you get that 4.0!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash