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Nov 10 2015
by Kate Brennan

Why College Perplexes Me

By Kate Brennan - Nov 10 2015

Since my first semester of freshman year is coming to a close, I thought I’d reflect on the most surprising things I’ve experienced since coming to college.

1. People sleep in public places.

You can’t walk more than fifty feet without seeing someone sleeping on a bench, couch, a table, or even just curled up on the ground. Apparently this is a normal activity for us sleep-deprived, stressed out students; but personally, I wouldn’t want hundreds of strangers to watch me sleep as they walk by. But that’s just me.

2. Everyone dresses the same.

Since when did t-shirts, Nike shorts and leggings become the uniform? I thought I’d see a mix of people with all different styles when I came to college; instead, I’ve learned how many different people own the same Southern Tide t-shirt, and how to never purchase said shirt.

3. People use odd methods of transportation.

Students strive to find ways to get to class faster, and their methods of transportation tend to be Razor Scooters or rollerblades. I was not aware we were going back to second grade.

4. All-nighters are normal.

Are you kidding me? How do people function after staying up for twenty-four hours? I can’t even wake up for my 10:10 class and make it through the day. I question these people and pray I’m never one of them.

5. People leave in the middle of class…

…and don’t come back. Is respect not an issue? Some people pick up their backpacks and leave in the middle of a lecture like it's no big deal.

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Kate Brennan - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kate is a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and is planning on majoring in journalism. She is an avid chocolate eater and spends most of her time either at the beach or in the ocean. You can follow her on Instagram @katebrennn.

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