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Mar 15 2016
by Kate Brennan

I Never Wanted To Be The Student Who Transferred Universities

By Kate Brennan - Mar 15 2016

I never wanted to be that student who transferred. I had my whole college experience planned out down to the smallest detail, until my plans were rudely interrupted by a not-so-expected rejection letter. So, in a rush, I panicked and picked an awesome state school where most of my friends were headed. It was a great idea for a few months, but now, I’m that student who’s transferring.

College helped me figure out a lot about myself. I can’t handle mess, I love to be outside for most hours of the day and I cannot be without the ocean for more than one week at a time. All of these were really helpful revelations, but they all lead to me to the same decision: I needed to transfer.

So, I filled out some transfer applications. I’m still not definitely leaving my current school, but if I do, I’m extremely excited for my new opportunity. I’ll get to meet new people, join new clubs and fall in love with a wonderful new city.

How did I know I wanted to transfer? It was mostly because I’d find myself sitting at a coffee shop, or at the big mall down the street and I’d be longing to feel the sun on my face and sand in between my fingers and toes. I knew that my school wasn’t in the best location for me, but I tried to ignore that and focus on all the good. We had a big basketball team, great academics and a school spirit that ran so deep, people bled school colors long after they graduated. But it just wasn’t for me.

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life—so why not do everything in your power to make it that way? My decision to transfer was one-hundred-percent my own, and I didn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. My future is absolutely in my own hands, so I have to do whatever I can to make it the best future possible.

I’m not sure where life will take me next; after I leave school in May, my life will be completely uncharted. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to see where I end up. 

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Kate Brennan - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kate is a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and is planning on majoring in journalism. She is an avid chocolate eater and spends most of her time either at the beach or in the ocean. You can follow her on Instagram @katebrennn.

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