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Sep 15 2015
by Kate Brennan

Getting Dropped and Staying On Top

By Kate Brennan - Sep 15 2015

When fall semester rolls around, sorority recruitment is all anyone can talk about. Girls spend weeks getting letters of recommendations and shopping for new clothes, hoping to make the perfect impression on their potential new sisters. Once the process actually starts, you spend days talking with sorority sisters, trying to get a feel for which chapter you like the most and which girls you fit in best with. It’s long, it’s tiresome and sometimes, it’s all for nothing.

The reality is, there isn’t enough space for every single girl to join her favorite sorority, or even any sorority at all. It’s simply a numbers game that can turn into your worst nightmare.

More often than not, beautiful, smart, special girls get dropped from sororities. Tears are shed. Girls often wonder, “what’s wrong with me?” and “why didn’t I get picked?” And here’s the truth: there’s nothing wrong with you. You didn’t say the wrong thing, ask the wrong question, or wear the wrong outfit. Sometimes, things just happen.

Sorority recruitment is a weird process that, honestly, no one really understands. We’re told to “trust the system,” but the system isn’t foolproof.

Getting dropped by a sorority may be devastating, and feel like a blow to your self-esteem, but it shouldn’t be. You’re much better than that.

A sorority doesn’t define your worth, your beauty, or who you are as a person. It’s simply a group of girls who live in a house together and support a certain charity.

Being in a sorority isn’t the only thing that’s going to help you enjoy college. Each campus has hundreds of clubs that will gladly welcome you with open arms, and clubs are a great place for you to be surrounded by people who hold your similar interests. There’s nothing better than being with a group of people who agree with you or share your passion. Go find these people.

You can still party and have just as many friends. You can still go to sporting events and have the best time of your life. Being dropped isn’t the end of the world; your life will not drastically crumble to pieces and you won’t need to transfer schools. I got dropped and I lived to tell the tale, and getting dropped was honestly a blessing in disguise, because it gave me the chance to explore my campus outside the confines of the sorority house walls.

Three Greek Letters. That’s all it is. Just three little letters. So why are these letters controlling our lives?


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Kate Brennan - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kate is a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and is planning on majoring in journalism. She is an avid chocolate eater and spends most of her time either at the beach or in the ocean. You can follow her on Instagram @katebrennn.

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