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Jun 07 2017
by Kat Roth

This Teen's Mother Wrote Her a Special Note for Her Final Packed Lunch

By Kat Roth - Jun 07 2017

Georgia Blackwell, a senior in high school, recently made a Twitter post about the last note her mother included in her lunch. Her mother, Kelly Blackwell, had been making Georgia's lunches since kindergarten but since her final year of school was coming to a close, so were the lunches. 

"I felt really sentimental about it. She's written me short notes before in my lunch and I've kept them. So I felt like it was a really great way to end a chapter of my life," Georgia told Fresh U via Twitter direct messages. "I will be missing my lunches a lot next year. But the university I'm going to has a really good meal plan so I won't starve or anything. I'm going to be five hours from home so the sentimental moments will definitely be missed."

The note reads:

"Dear Georgia, 
You are the best girl a mom could have. I am very proud of you. I will really miss you when you are in OK but I know you are going to be happy. Always be kind, be helpful, be ladylike [and] say your prayers. Give 'em hell.
Make today awesome. 
[Heart] you always, 

The post has become very popular with over 2,900 likes and 384 retweets. The reaction to it has been overwhelmingly positive.

About the reaction to the note, Georgia says, "At the time all my friends thought it was really cute and wished their moms had done something like that. A lot of people on Twitter are being really positive and loving what my mom had put down especially the 'say your prayers and give 'em hell.'"

While she won't be living at home with her mom next year, Georgia is excited to attend Oklahoma State University to study biochemistry and molecular biology with a pre-dental track to become an orthodontist.

Even when living away, Georgia will be sure to treasure all that her mom gave to her and can even get a few lunches when visiting on breaks!

Lead Image Credit: @gab_peach via Twitter.

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