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May 17 2017
by Kat Roth

This High School Student Wore Her Mom's Dress to Prom Twenty Years Later And Looked Amazing

By Kat Roth - May 17 2017

Prom is often one of the best highlights of a high school student's academic career. For Krystin Mullins, a high school senior at Crowley High School in Crowley, Texas, prom was made even more special by wearing the exact dress her mother wore twenty years earlier. She shared their prom photos side-to-side on Twitter, and they became a huge hit, garnering more than 2,300 retweets and 30,000 likes. 

For Mullins, wearing her mother's dress was an easy decision. "My mom saved all of her dresses that she wore to all of her dances from middle school [through] high school. When I was younger, my mom and I were going through her dresses and I just fell in love with the dress. I knew that I was going to wear it to my senior prom too," Mullins told Fresh U via Twitter direct message.

The dress was a huge hit among Mullins' family as well. "My mom was really excited, I think she shed a few tears when I told her I was serious about wearing it. My grandma and great grandma were so happy when they saw that I was wearing the same dress. I think my family was blown away that I chose to wear my mom's dress rather than getting a new expensive one."

The dress and its connection to Mullins' mom made prom even more memorable. "The dress made my senior prom more special for me. I think it was special because my mom wore it to her senior prom, and I go to the same high school she went to. Prom was a night to remember; I spent it with my best friends and my high school sweetheart... I wouldn't rather spend it with anyone else," Mullins said.

As for the future, Mullins will be attending Howard Payne University and her studies even reflect her bond with her mom. "I will be majoring in elementary education (like my momma) and cheering on their cheer[leading] team," says Mullins.

Prom can be a momentous time for anyone, but for Mullins, the memories and touching pictures are sure to last a lifetime.

Lead Image Credit: @KrystinMullins7 via Twitter

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