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Mar 17 2017
by Kat Roth

Freshman Friday: Alex Fisher-Wagner

By Kat Roth - Mar 17 2017

Alex Fisher-Wagner is a freshman at UC Davis studying Computer Science and Engineering. When he's not studying, he also runs a Youtube channel, which posts a variety of his videos. Regarding his channel, Fisher-Wagner says:

"My Youtube channel is focused on video blog (vlog)-like videos pertaining to my life, which at this point is very focused around Davis. The channel really serves two purposes for me. First, to give people I know back home a visual of what I’m up to and experiencing, though recently this has branched out to people I don’t know as well. Second, it’s a place for me to create videos and grow as a videographer. I do freelance and marketing videos as well, but being able to make a video whenever and trying something new is really great. I really hope my channel gets larger and more noticed, but the goal is really to create quality videos for it."

He has been making videos for a few years now and accredits his start to filmmaking to a high school history project:

"[In] my sophomore year of high school, a friend and I partnered up to do a history video project, and we really worked hard and went beyond just shooting it in our backyard. It went mini-viral around our school, and we ended up getting internships with our high school’s marketing team. From there I really continued to follow filmmaking, and once I came to Davis, I started to focus on it personally for this channel."

Fisher-Wagner has covered all kinds of material, from politically-relevant coverage of protests to more artistic short films. His most recent video is a unique take on a dorm tour. Everything from the music chosen to the timing of the whimsical changes of settings is so well done and reminiscent of the works of Wes Anderson.

"So I knew that the UC Davis acceptances would be coming out soon, and I remember as a senior in high school wanting to watch a dorm tour video, but something creative and different. I also remember watching CNN’s 'State of the Union as a Wes Anderson film' video, [thinking] it was brilliantly done. So I was heavily influenced through that, Anderson’s actual work and scores and some hints of Casey Neistat [a YouTuber]. From there I just took my tripod and stabilizer and started shooting. I had some help from friends, but really just ran around Tercero talking into my camera till it was done."

In addition to running his Youtube channel in his free time, Fisher-Wagner has had many opportunities to use his filmmaking skills for various UC Davis organizations. He credits Davis for also making him a more diverse filmmaker.

"Being in Davis has opened me up to so many opportunities. I currently shoot videos for UC Davis Athletics, Health Profession Advising, multiple dance groups, clubs, greek life and just for fun. So being in Davis has greatly expanded my experience and [has] really opened me up to different types of video. And there’s a small group of video people in Davis who have helped me to get into what I would call the Davis Video Style — people like Trevor Ehlenbach and Sam Newton."

Alex Fisher-Wagner is a great example of the many possibilities in exploring a variety of hobbies while attending college. His dedication to making so many high quality videos is commendable and he is for sure one to watch, especially if you plan on visiting Davis any time soon.

Lead Image Credit: Alex Fisher-Wagner 

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Kat Roth -

Kat goes to UC Davis and studies Food Science.

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