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Sep 08 2016
by Kat Roth

21 Stationery Items for Animal Lovers

By Kat Roth - Sep 08 2016
As students, stationery serves as a basis for most of our academic ventures. When surrounded by heaps of pens and notebooks, why not acknowledge your passion for animals? From little kittens to quirky moles, these stationery items will be sure to brighten your desk.

1. Try these super cute cat pens.


These cuties will be easy to spot if a friend "borrows" your pen again!

2. Or these wooden woodland pencils.


Imagine your pencil cup filled with these little faces popping out!

3. And make sure to pick up some erasers to fix any mistakes.


Any mistakes won't seem nearly as bad with these friends to the rescue.

4. Keep all those writing utensils safe in a cozy pouch.


The print on this is cute but subtle enough for a more serious setting.

5. Ideas will pop up with this mole journal


The quirkiness of these designs will inspire some great ideas!

6. You could opt for a touch of personalization with these animal monograms.


This unique take on personalization combines the monogram trend with your favorite animals!

7. Or go for a minimalist statement with these simple beauties.


The rustic craft paper look and simple animal silhouette can show your love for animals in a more understated way. 

8. Get your life together with the help of some kitty friends.


A planner is a necessity, especially in college. Bring yours everywhere by choosing a cute option!

9. Or go for a smaller statement.


These artistic designs speak for themselves, but the functionality of a small planner to take on the go is really what makes it a must-have.

10. Mark any animal-related events with some appropriate stickers.


Whether you have a vet appointment or you volunteer at a shelter, look forward to your animal-related activities by staying organized.

11. Decorate with some sweet washi tape.


Watercolor animals? Flower crowns? Functional tape? Sold.

12. Or go for a more monochromatic animal look.


The black and grey of this tape will really complement the black ink of your handouts or work.

13. Give that washi a new home in the form of a kitty cat.

Spice up your desk with a (slightly grumpy) cat friend. It even poops your favorite washi!

14. Have all your sticky notes in one place with these geometric animals.


The booklet this comes in makes for easy transport while the animals bring a bit of decoration to an otherwise extremely functional set.

15. Or mark your pages with these arctic animals.


You'll for sure want to study more with these cute faces poking out of your book.

16. Add a few puns for good measure.


Beautiful art + puns = perfection.

17. Mark your place with some cute bookmarks.


Reading will get just that much better when you return to a helpful animal friend.

18. Keep it together with these piggy pals.


Paper clips are a basic necessity, so why not liven up your papers with something adorable?

19. Secure your papers with a gilded doxie.


The gold is super classy while the doggy detail adds a level of quirkiness.

20. Or get a friend that sorts your papers.


Keep important letters in easy reach with this helpful guy.

21. And organize those files with some safari sidekicks.


These pops of color and exotic animals will liven up any space while the gold brings a luxurious touch!

All these pieces will be sure to brighten your book-bag or desk. Their the cute little animal faces will definitely motivate you to study!

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Kat Roth -

Kat goes to UC Davis and studies Food Science.

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