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Nov 18 2015
by Kassidy Cooper

10 Ways 'An Extremely Goofy Movie' Accurately Portrayed Freshman Year

By Kassidy Cooper - Nov 18 2015

1. Your first year of college affects more than just yourself. 

College is a time in one's life associated with change, but remember when you're moving forward on your own it's not just affecting you. This is a time of adjustment for your parents as well.

2. Beware of freshman 15. 

Late night snacking, no motivation to eat healthy, and online food orders right at your fingertips, is all so tempting. Getting down and dirty with some nachos is always an option though. 

3. Bust a move, do your thing. 

Let's face is a time to find yourself. Do what you love and own it. 

4. Lack of sleep = dozing off in class.

Falling asleep in class occurs more often then one would believe. Just make sure that your Professor doesn't catch you in the act. There's no such thing as too much shuteye; that is why power naps save the day! 

5. College exams are what you make of them.

Test taking strategies vary on the individual, but it's safe to say that the exams do not get any easier. 'Quizlet' will be your best friend during midterms and finals. 

6. Parents weekend arrives in a blink of an eye.

Like Goofy following Max off to college, parents find themselves wandering back for family weekend. With that being said, don't be too embarrassed when they try to tailgate with you. 

7. Those jerks from high school...yeah they're still jerks in college.

Sadly, it is most likely not your last encounter with those certain individuals. The good thing about college is that you have more room to avoid them, but let's face the facts...jerks will be jerks. 

8. Thinking that you are invincible, doesn't always work out. 

There's a big contrast between being confident and believing you are invincible. Know the difference early on in order to avoid irrevocable mistakes. 

9. College is full of ups and downs.

Just like Max's skateboard hobby, a lot of the time in life you find yourself doing well, just to end up crashing down at some point. The easiest way to pick up and start back up again is to surround yourself with positive people and have some faith in yourself. 

10. At the end of the day...