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Oct 21 2016
by Karly Matthews

Weekly Political Round-Up: Interesting Interviews, The Final Debate, And Firebombing

By Karly Matthews - Oct 21 2016
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The nation watched the final presidential debate on Wednesday, but truly, that was just the start of this week's political action. One of North Carolina's GOP offices was bombed over the weekend, the Washington Redskins pulled a predictive victory and Melania Trump made headlines in an interview.

1. Ben Carson makes headlines for an on-camera interview.

During an interview with MSNBC's Morning Joe, Ben Carson demanded that Katty Kay's microphone be turned off. The former GOP presidential candidate and now Trump surrogate was discussing the sexual assault allegations surrounding Mr. Trump when he started making demands on live television. Especially because the conversation was about contesting sexual assault victims' stories, this interview looked bad for the Trump campaign.

2. A North Carolina GOP Office is attacked and bombed.

Over the weekend, a GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina was "firebombed" according to CNN. The incident was an obvious attack on the GOP calling for "Nazi Republicans" to leave the area. Both presidential candidates reacted to the incident, Clinton expressing sympathy for the office and Trump calling bombers "animals representing Clinton."

3. The Washington Redskins predict a Clinton victory.

The "Redskins Rule" predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency this November. The rule, which is 84 years old, says that if the Redskins win their final home game before the election, the incumbent party will keep the White House. The rule has only failed two times - most recently the last presidential election - since it has been applied.

4. President Obama once again strikes back at Trump through Marco Rubio.

On Thursday, President Obama spoke in Florida, denouncing Rubio's and other Republicans' continued support of Trump as their party's nominee. He also continued to tell his audience not to vote for Rubio but for his opponent, Democrat Patrick Murphy, instead. Finally, the president, who already voted early in Illinois, made another plea to Floridians to get out and vote.

5. Melania Trump gives an interview regarding her husband's tapes.

Melania Trump opened up in an interview on Tuesday night about her husband's behavior and the recent release of the "Trump Tapes." Throughout the interview, Melania said that Trump was "egged on" by Billy Bush, inspiring Twitter to trend #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt, and she asserted that "I believe my husband."

6. The Obamas host their final State Dinner at the White House.

On Tuesday, the Obamas celebrated another one of their 'lasts' in office, hosting the final State Dinner, which was in honor of the Italian prime minister and his wife. While the moment was described as 'bittersweet' for the First Family, Obama also said that he "saved the best for last." Catered by celebrity chef Mario Batali, the event hosted 382 VIPs.

7. Clinton and Trump took center stage for the final debate on Wednesday.

Opting out of the round table format, Clinton and Trump met icily from two distanced podiums at the final debate on Wednesday. Fox News' Chris Wallace, who received bipartisan praise, moderated the debate, discussing issues like foreign policy, the Second Amendment, Roe v. Wade and the economy. Wallace hit both candidates hard on their scandals and policies, and for many Americans, the debate only strengthened their support of a candidate.

8. Ivanka Trump returns to the campaign trail with little to say about "Trump Tapes."

Returning to the campaign trail with an event called "Coffee with Ivanka" outside of Philadelphia, Trump's oldest daughter has not been directly addressing her father's tapes. Instead, Ivanka has been focusing on her father's role as a mentor in her own life, and during one event, she called him a "great dad," which has been a theme throughout his campaign.

9. The 2016 Al Smith Dinner brought some comedy to this election cycle.

The Al Smith Dinner, a white-tie tradition around election season, is supposed to be a comical event in which the candidates can poke fun at both themselves and their opponent. Both Trump and Clinton made a variety of self-deprecating and stinging jokes; some were successful with the crowd and others led to booing.

10. Broadway sings in support of Hillary Clinton.

In a "Stronger Together" fundraiser for Clinton on Monday night. Hosted by Billy Crystal, the event's participants included Lin Manuel-Miranda, Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick Harris and Emily Blunt. Clinton could not attend the event, but she appeared via a video message to thank the crowd.

With less than twenty days until the election and early voting already beginning, 2016's election cycle is scarily coming to a close. Of course, the political world won't stop turning after November 8, so stay tuned to Fresh U for continued political coverage relevant to college lives.

Lead Image Credit: Keith Allison via Flickr Creative Commons

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Karly Matthews - Temple University

Karly Matthews is a political science and journalism major with a Spanish minor at Temple University. In high school, she was editor-in-chief of her school's online newspaper, a member of the yearbook staff, a Spanish Club officer and a dancer for 12 years. In her free time, Karly drinks too much coffee and follows politics with an obsessive passion. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karlymatthews_!

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