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Oct 07 2016
by Karly Matthews

Weekly Political Round-Up: Debates, Trump's Taxes & Endorsements Galore

By Karly Matthews - Oct 07 2016

Even though this week may seem slow in the political department, the presidential election, along with senatorial races in 32 states are rapidly approaching and tensions in the political sphere remain high. This week, American politics saw campus activism, Internet leaks, endorsements and campaigning.

1. The Chicago Tribune endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Citing Donald Trump as "not fit to be the president of the United States," and Hillary Clinton as having "serious questions about honesty and trust," The Chicago Tribune endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president in 2016. The editorial linked above describes both Johnson and his running mate Weld as "agile, practical and, unlike the major-party candidates, experienced at managing governments."

2. Audio of Hillary Clinton commenting on Bernie Sanders supporters was leaked.

Leaked from an event in February, an audio clip of Hillary Clinton talking to donors reveals some of her thoughts about Bernie Sanders' supporters. According to Politico, Clinton remarked that these voters wanted "free college" or "free healthcare," and she referred to the generation as "living in their parents' basements." Later, which is shown below, Senator Sanders went on the record, supporting Clinton's comments.

3. The New York Times released Donald Trump's tax returns from 1995.

Last Friday, The New York Times released Donald Trump's tax returns from 1995, revealing that the presidential candidate lost $916 million that year. From there, the Times, citing tax experts, suggested that Trump could have escaped taxes for the next eighteen years. Of course, the story was that Trump didn't pay taxes, but the legality of the Times' release of the records was questioned - and defended - as well.

4. The Obamas celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

On Sunday, the First Couple celebrated 24 years of marriage after two daughters and of course, two terms of presidency. According to TeenVogue, the Obamas have been an admired couple long before coming to the White House; in 1996, the couple was photographed by The New Yorker for a project about young American couples.

5. Tim Kaine and Mike Pence went head-to-head in the VP Debate on Tuesday.

After Trump and Clinton duked it out last week in a debate moderated by Lester Holt, their VP picks did the same on Tuesday night. Moderated by Elaine Quijano, the debate focused on the VP candidates' defenses of their running mates, with some take-aways for the American public. In one CNN poll, Mike Pence "won" the debate, but Kaine also made some dynamic points about Trump.

6. Syracuse University held a die-in on campus.

To show how many black people have been killed in police encounters this year, Syracuse students held a die-in, in which students wore white signs with the names of the victims. A silent common area created an intense atmosphere, which Fresh U reported on here.

7. The Atlantic endorsed Hillary Clinton as only its third ever presidential endorsement.

The Atlantic has only endorsed three candidates for president since its founding, and the third is Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, joining Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson. In the editorial piece, Atlantic editors called Trump "most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency." The group also mentioned that if Clinton was running against "any of the leading candidates Trump vanquished in the Republican primaries," the publication would not have endorsed anyone.

8. Ted Cruz was caught cold-calling, surrounded by Trump signs.

Now a famous Twitter meme, Ted Cruz was sighted cold-calling as he was surrounded by Trump-Pence signs after refusing - then submitting - to endorse the candidate. Of course, it is not confirmed that Cruz was actually cold-calling for the presidential nominee, but the wall of posters in the background at the Fort Worth GOP location was all Internet users needed. That said, if the photo was just zoomed out, it's obvious that Cruz was calling on behalf of the GOP, not just Trump.

9. Vice President Joe Biden practices activism with Adam Devine.

Covered by Fresh U earlier this week, Joe Biden and Adam Devine crashed a college party to teach students about sexual assault. Biden has been active in this subject throughout his vice presidency, and by partnering with Devine, he made his campaign much more relatable to his college student audience. 

10. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will meet again on Sunday for a second debate.

This Sunday, Clinton and Trump will meet again for the second presidential debate, which will be held at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The debate will be moderated by Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, and will be a "town meeting" forum. The topics will be of broad public interest, and you can even submit questions here. Stay tuned for Fresh U coverage of the event.

The countdown is now at 31 days until Election day, and if you have any specific concerns or questions about each election, visit 270towin for all the information you may need.

Lead Image Credit: 401K 2012 via Flickr Creative Commons

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Karly Matthews - Temple University

Karly Matthews is a political science and journalism major with a Spanish minor at Temple University. In high school, she was editor-in-chief of her school's online newspaper, a member of the yearbook staff, a Spanish Club officer and a dancer for 12 years. In her free time, Karly drinks too much coffee and follows politics with an obsessive passion. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karlymatthews_!

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