It's no secret that college campuses lean left, nor is it perceived as common that millennial women lean right. Yet, for those who do, it's not always easy.

That's why NeW - the Network of enlightened Women - is taking to social media to get rid of the stereotype that conservative women are "uneducated" or "ignorant" according to Cosmopolitan. Using #ShesConservative as a part of its social media campaign, NeW wants conservative women to share their stories and become empowered through this campaign. Women wear "This is what a conservative looks like" tees to show the diverse group of women that identify as conservatives.

In an Forbes essay, NeW founder Karin Agness shares her experience as a conservative woman on campus:

I was laughed at by a staff member when I asked our Women’s Center at the University of Virginia if they would be open to cosponsoring an organization for conservative women.

Since then, Agness founded NeW upon hearing similar stories from female conservative college students around the country who were afraid to share their true political beliefs. The social media campaign has taken Twitter by storm, and a diverse group of women is represented in a video the organization produced, explaining the reactions these women receive when they reveal their conservatism.

Harvard University student and NeW activist Emily Hall shared her story with NeW, which was recalled in a TownHall piece:

“[I was] bombarded with liberalism, and I didn’t know how to stand up to it…Educating myself on a number of issues allowed me to remember why I am a conservative and develop logical, factual arguments against the pop-culture liberalism that’s so popular on campus.”

To get involved with NeW, which could include sharing your story or starting a chapter at your university, visit this site.

Lead Image Credit: Network of enlightened Women