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Jun 10 2017
by Karly Matthews

5 Conservative Students React to Trump's 20th Week in Office

By Karly Matthews - Jun 10 2017

This week was full of major events and headlines for President Trump, even more so then usual. Some of the highlights included him pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Accords, feuding with London Mayor Sadiq Khan over recent terrorism and enduring former FBI Director Comey's testimony.

Fresh U reached out to five conservative college students regarding current events:

Connor Mendes, Temple University, Political Science

“Today marks the day the people get clarity and the Trump Administration gets vindication as former FBI Director Comey testifies before Congress regarding rumors that have plagued our President since he took office. Director Comey made three things very clear: President Trump was never personally under investigation, President Trump never asked him to stop an investigation and President Trump never requested the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to cease.* In addition, Director Comey blasts a NYT article saying Senior Trump Campaign Officials had repeated contact with Russia officials, stating it was ‘almost entirely’ false. Lastly, Comey says that an FBI Director being relieved of duty would not [have] derailed a current investigation especially a one as big as this one, proving Trump did not fire him to accomplish such, something the media repeatedly pushed as fact.* These truths coming to light thwart a false narrative put into place by the heavily biased left-wing media and leftist politicians led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that was intended to fool the American people into turning on our president. Their deceitful attempts to vilify the man who has unapologetically and successfully fought for America have crashed and burned. Former FBI Director and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will continue to look into this matter as he should, but I am confident he will come to the same conclusion that months of investigation and this hearing has, that President Donald J. Trump is guilty of nothing except of ‘Making America Great Again!’”

*Fresh U did not find this quote to be completely accurate, since "Comey said Trump asked him to 'let this go' in reference to an investigation into Trump's then-national security adviser Michael Flynn." While he did not definitely call for an end to the investigation as a whole, he did ask Comey to let go the investigation on Flynn.

*Fresh U also found information in the same Fox News article Mr. Mendes used to cite his viewpoint, information contrary to this point, which says that "Comey also said bluntly he believes he was fired because of the Russia investigation."

Kennedy Borman, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Political Science & Economics

“President Donald Trump recently made the decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Accord, to the shock of the international community. As a conservative, I strongly believe that protecting the environment should be a priority and that without a healthy world, future generations will suffer. That being said, the Paris Accord is largely a political statement. Just like any international agreement, the bond is only as strong as the parties who have signed on. The Paris Climate Agreement is mainly to show the world that the major powers are willing to work together, it won't really have much effect on saving the environment. In order to successfully better the environment, stronger deals must be made. While I don't believe the U.S. pulling out of the agreement will have disastrous effects on the world, for the reasons stated above, I do believe it signals to the other countries that America is not willing to cooperate on this issue. I believe a better move by President Trump would have been to remain a party to the international climate deal while pledging to forge a stronger, incentive-based agreement that truly would have a positive impact for both our globe and the citizens in it.”

Alana Bannan, Washington State University, Broadcast Journalism

“I have approached Trump’s presidency with an attitude that is set out to praise him when he does well and critique him when he does not. This past week, he deserves praise for pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Staying in the Paris Agreement would have resulted in a huge loss of jobs and virtually no change in our current climate situation.* I would now like to see America use the private sector to help slow down global warming and use clean energy.”

*Fresh U found that while the Heritage Foundation predicted "the agreement would prevent 400,000 jobs and cause a GDP loss of $2.5 trillion," other estimates say that it would "make the world $19 trillion richer by 2050," and pulling out would actually threaten the jobs of the "3 million Americans [who] worked in clean energy last year.

Jeremy Goodman, Temple University, Political Science

“Municipal Judge, District Attorney, Governor. These are some of the elected officials that can bring change on a much larger more realistic scale to everyday life. When Donald Trump was elected, many citizens of this country marched in the streets for change and for equality all around. What I and many others said to who were discouraged by the results of this election was, "stay involved, there's an election every year, do not fizzle out after a few months." Let's look at the numbers in just two states. Voter turnout for the primaries in New Jersey was just at under 15%. Some may say it is June and it's been too long since November. May, the primary in Pennsylvania had a turnout around 17%. Change can occur as Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May lose her seat due to higher voter turnout. Voting instead of marching should be in the minds of the American people if they are truly fed up with this administration and they want to see change.”

Samantha Zinnen , University of Wisconsin-Madison, History

“I support the President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord and his administration’s commitment to pursue a new agreement that does not leave American workers and taxpayers to foot the bill for the substantial cost. For the billions of dollars that the Accord would cost the nation, an MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change report found that the agreement could only potentially avert a 0.2 degrees Celsius increase in temperatures if all parties in every signatory nation uphold their nonbinding pledges. Withdrawing from the agreement does not say that the United States does not care about climate change or rising temperatures, but rather will continue to lead without accepting terms that disproportionally affect the competitiveness of our industries and workers against the worlds. American free markets and ingenuity have produced some of the most incredible technological advancements the world has ever seen and will continue to do so if not handicapped by government overregulation. The solution will be found by the private sector, not unaffordable nonbinding agreements by governments. As a nation with a rising $19 trillion-plus debt, we cannot afford to continue to pay the bill for other countries. President Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by protecting American workers and families, putting America first. Lastly, as an individual who supports smaller government, the withdrawal creates an opportunity for private companies, organizations, and individuals to take the lead and efficiently support the intentions behind this accord.”

Although the media is one source on which to rely for news and information, talking to your peers, even the ones with different beliefs, can help get past partisanship and toward a semblance of agreement.

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Karly Matthews - Temple University

Karly Matthews is a political science and journalism major with a Spanish minor at Temple University. In high school, she was editor-in-chief of her school's online newspaper, a member of the yearbook staff, a Spanish Club officer and a dancer for 12 years. In her free time, Karly drinks too much coffee and follows politics with an obsessive passion. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karlymatthews_!

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