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May 27 2017
by Karly Matthews

5 College Conservatives React to Trump's 18th Week in Office

By Karly Matthews - May 27 2017

This week marked President Trump's first international trip since entering office. As a part of these diplomatic travels, the President and First Lady visited Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Brussels and Rome. Amidst news of the trip, allegations of ties to Russia continued, details of Trump's budget were revealed, a horrific terrorist attack happened in Manchester, and the GOP healthcare bill continued to develop. So, here are five college republicans reactions to everything that happened in politics this week. 

Connor Mendes, Temple University, Political Science Major

“I think when it comes to recent events you cannot be anything but proud of our President. This recent international trip has injected optimism into those hoping for this trip to warm relations with our allies. The best meeting so far being with Saudi Arabia, one of, if not the most important ally of ours in the Middle East. Not only did we [strike] a vital arms deal with them worth well over 100 billion dollars but our president was also awarded the gilded collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud, the highest civilian honor in that country, if that isn't a sign of warmer relations I don't know what is. When it comes to the home front we see unemployment dropping down to 4.4% which has been the best it has been in the 21st century, you have job creation over-performing month after month, and consumer confidence has been the best it has been in decades.* Also we have illegal entry into the U.S. decreasing to the lowest in nearly two decades. Stopping illegal immigration and improving the economy were two cornerstones of Candidate Trump's message, and I am ecstatic to see President Trump fulfilling these campaign promises. I stand firmly behind our command[er] in chief because he has earned not only my trust, but all of ours, by doing what is so rare now a days in Washington, doing what you promised the American people.”

*Fresh U found differing information when fact-checking this opinion. Consumer confidence reached equal levels in 2015, and reached over 15 points higher in 2000, so it is not the best it has been in decades. 

Sierra Johnson, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Respiratory Therapy

“I was very impressed with President Trump's reaction to the horrific attacks in Manchester. I agree that every country needs to come together in order to drive out terrorism. We can no longer stand back and watch as innocent people lose their lives. A child, and any person for that matter, should be able to attend a concert or any event without the fear of a terrorist attack. The world we live in today is full of hate, but if you look a little closer you will see that it is also full of love. It was extremely humbling to see all of the people willing to help others after the attacks on Manchester. I believe that coming together to ward off this evil is the best decision for every country at this time.”

William Reid Hansen, Missouri State University, Political Science

"Time and time again we see the left making claims of doom when referring to the GOP healthcare proposal. The problem with that claim is that it simply is not true, or even possible. If a proposed healthcare plan would really harm millions of Americans and still manage to pass both houses, the Supreme Court would kill it immediately for its unconstitutionality. The GOP healthcare plan is trying to offer more options customizable for different situations and individuals. Obamacare is restricting to lower-income families and expensive for working class families. The Affordable Healthcare Act is producing disloyalty among medical practitioners and family doctors which is the actual harm to our healthcare system. Though I disagree with the lack of time the Republicans have put into the bill, I believe it will be a better replacement and a better plan for all."

Vinny Limon, Temple University, Sport and Recreation Management

“In the wake of the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey, many new allegations are coming out saying that President Trump asked the former FBI Director to drop a case that involved his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  Many of Trump's critics are citing this as an ‘Obstruction of Justice…’ In the past couple of days, some Democrats have floated the possibility of impeachment such as Hawaii Congresswoman Tusli Gabbard [and] Democratic Representative Al Green of Texas.  No Republican has come out yet talking about impeachment. In my opinion, impeaching the President requires a lot more than just speculation…  At this time, Michael Flynn has not been brought before Congress which would help gather concrete evidence of this entire Russia Scandal and I do not think James Comey has yet to present… Until then, these talks about impeachment have no ground and I think it is premature…  Looking back on presidents who were impeached or faced the possibility of impeachment, it is clear they broke the law and did not exercise the proper values a President should possess and I do not see any of these from President Trump. I think people are still sour about the election and trying to do anything to get Trump out of office.  So, at the first instance of a scandal, it does not surprise me that the House Democrats are throwing around the possibility of impeachment.  I am glad to see that not a single House Republican has come out and talked about impeachment and they are instead waiting for the facts of the case to be presented.* Until the facts come out, I think you will see a couple more Democrats come out in support of impeachment, but I think all of the House Republicans will remain silent on the issue, which to me is the ethical thing to do.”

*When fact checking this statement, Fresh U found information that two Republican congressman said that if the Comey allegations were true, it would serve as justifiable ground for impeachment

Kalley Erickson, University of Minnesota, Economics & Political Science

“On Tuesday, Katy Perry spoke with Rolling Stone to make a public statement about the bombing in Manchester that killed 22 and injured around 60 innocent Ariana Grande concert attendees. Foolishly, she exclaimed “I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other. No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.” This is particularly thoughtless, because it’s fairly likely that Perry doesn’t wake up and read political news sources every day. She seemingly cannot get this through her head: You can’t co-exist with someone who wants to kill you. ISIS does not love you. ISIS does not want to get along with you. ISIS has and will continue to cross over your proposed “loving open border” and kill you and other innocent people, if you give them the opportunity. In her new single “Chained to the Rhythm” off her album (the one in which she promised to “get political” on) she sings “Aren’t you lonely up there in utopia, where nothing will ever be enough? Happily numb, so comfortable, we live in a bubble.” While thousands are being killed in the name of radical Islam all around the globe, Katy Perry is truly the one living in a bubble. She will never experience firsthand the devastation of losing a loved one to an evil force such as ISIS. If Perry genuinely wants us to come together, she should denounce ISIS, condemn their violent and senseless attacks, and say their name. Make yourself useful, Katy.”

No matter your political leaning, it's imperative to keep yourself informed about current events and Trump's administration. This is especially important for college students, because we have to deal with the consequences of these actions for a long time. 

Lead Image Credit: ABC News

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Karly Matthews - Temple University

Karly Matthews is a political science and journalism major with a Spanish minor at Temple University. In high school, she was editor-in-chief of her school's online newspaper, a member of the yearbook staff, a Spanish Club officer and a dancer for 12 years. In her free time, Karly drinks too much coffee and follows politics with an obsessive passion. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karlymatthews_!

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