Carlo Eby, a candidate for the seat of student body president at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, pulled out all the stops on election day this Tuesday.

With a table set up outside of the student center, Eby and his vice presidential candidate, Hameidah Alsafwani, demonstrated their candidacy with quite a few props. Complete with infographic posters, a Snapchat filter, candy and "I Voted" stickers, Eby's table generated quite a few visitors.

But there was one aspect of his Maverick spirit that was the most enjoyed by students: his dog, Lola.

Lola donned a red sweater and a sign that said, "Carlo is a good boy," as students paused their morning commutes to pet the pup and chat about on-campus issues.

Lola is an 8-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who was very calm in the wake of so many enthusiastic students.

"People were walking to class, and I knew I had maybe 30 to 60 seconds to grab their attention and their vote," Eby said. "Lola was an obvious attention-getter and I knew a lot of people would appreciate seeing her. They would also be more likely to stop and talk to me, seeing that I love my dog."

As students passed by for a quick puppy break, Eby would break down his campaign goals and offer up candy, hoping to make a final impact as individuals tapered off to vote, either at on-campus polling places or online.

"My campaign has four pillars," Eby said. "I want to focus on accountability, transparency, inclusion and feedback as someone who represents the university. I have three years of experience as a Senator, so I know how things work here. At the same time, I can't do it alone. I want to reiterate to students to go vote and have their voices heard."

Eby said his day-long campaign drew a good number of people. Between his morning treat of donuts, constant upbeat music and obvious puppy love, he was hopeful that he would stay out of the doghouse when election results were announced the following day.

Lead Image Credit: Kamrin Baker