The word "first" carries a lot of weight in life. Whether you are a first year student battling for the first spot in your class, playing major scales to be first chair or divulging all your life stories of a first kisses, first times and first dates to all your new friends, it comes up a lot in college. I thought I'd go first and spill my first kiss story.

My first kiss was with my current boyfriend a little over two and a half years ago. I was 16, and I was terrified because I felt like everyone had gotten it over with before me. He knew I was terrified, but we both knew it was going to happen. There was an actual connection, and I felt like it was my time to shine. To alleviate the anxiety, we thumb-wrestled. "If I win, you kiss me," he had said, "And if you win, I kiss you." I think it was a tie.

I wasn't well-versed in the art and basically just sat there, but I can safely say I've improved dramatically since 2014. For me, my first kiss led to a serious and loving relationship, but everyone's experience is different. 

1. The Jim and Pam

"I had my first kiss the day after my birthday freshman year of high school. My boyfriend asked me to meet him by my locker after school, and I didn't think anything of it. He was taking forever, but when he finally got there, we made plans to watch the new episode of The Office together. We finalized plans, I got ready to leave and he grabbed my hand, turned me around and kissed me. My eyes were wide open because I had no idea it was about to happen. It was so incredibly awkward, but it also perfectly captured us as a couple. Later that night I found out that he wanted to do it on my birthday but chickened out." –Taylor Hogeland, University of Alabama

2. Literal Fireworks

"My boyfriend, Phil, and I worked together for about two years before we finally admitted how we felt about each other. I never dated in high school because A) I hated boys my age and B) I was focused on so many other things. Because of this, I was pretty nervous when we started dating. On the 4th of July, we spent the afternoon and evening together and at this point had only been dating for a week. That evening, he took me to the top of a parking garage. I knew he was going to make a move, but before he did anything, I blurted out that I DID want my first kiss, but I was nervous. He reassured me and then kissed me. I love my story because he knew it was important to me and made a big deal out of it. And he waited until I told him I was ready, which is really respectful and sweet. Plus, there were literally fireworks; it was beautiful." – Kelsey Heffner, University of Nebraska-Omaha

3. Rushed on the Bus

"I was on a bus chilling next to a girl the summer of my freshman year of high school. I got peer pressured into kissing her by everyone else on the bus. 10/10 would recommend." – Parker Segal, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

4. Detention Sentence

"My first kiss story is actually kind of embarrassing. I was in 8th grade and I had been dating this girl for about two weeks. Obviously, we hadn't kissed yet and I guess she talked about it with her friends. So, they had pulled me aside before school one day to say that she really wanted to kiss and that it had to happen that day. I said that I would but I was so nervous that during lunch and after school, I stayed in one of my teacher's classrooms and told everyone that I was 'in detention.' I highly doubt they believed this, but it went on for two days until I was at my friend's house and my girlfriend came over. At that point, I had to do it and it was actually really nice, but all I can really remember now is how much of a nervous wreck I was." – Jordan Shauberger, American River College

5. Beach Babe

"My first kiss happened on a beach in early June of my freshman year in high school. None of my friends had been kissed by then, so I felt no external pressure to have my first kiss, which I guess is unusual for a high schooler. Being ever realistic about my own lack of experience, I decided that first kisses were too risky to leave to chance and 'figuring it out when it happens' like movies and magazines told me. So on the beach, I walked away from my best friends with one of her friends, who I had never met until five minutes earlier. We sat in the cold sand and he asked me what my Twitter handle was, and then we kissed. In retrospect, I don't know how much of it was actually kissing, but more tongue and slobber, but I got my first kiss out of the way and I was prepared for when I actually liked a boy and wanted to kiss him. It was the least romantic and probably most logical first kiss I could've had, but I have no regrets about it. I have no hang ups on the first kiss boy because first kisses aren't magical, they don't stay in your head forever, and they certainly aren't life-changing. Sometimes I even forget his name and I have to text my friend and ask her what it is again." – Emma, Fordham University

6. What the Peck?

"I was 12 when I had my first kiss. It was on Valentine's Day and my middle school boyfriend and I had been together for five months, so I thought we were basically going to get married. We were playing a FIFA game on his PS3, and when I won he gave me a hug. He pulled away and said something like 'you should kiss me!' I said no, but told him I would think about it. Then, right before I left his house that night, I gave him a quick peck. It was literally .3 seconds, but I felt so giddy and excited that I had just gotten my first kiss over with and that I had a somewhat cute story behind it!" – Emily Brandon, University of Nebraska-Omaha

7. Once Upon A Time

"My first kiss was fairytale-esque in its naivety and cuteness. It was the summer going into high school, and I was at her house and we were watching TV and she was acting...different. For whatever reason this led to the both of us getting up and going outside to the side of her house. Their was a slant on the side of her house, so she stood on the bottom and I on the top since she was taller than me. When we first leaned in, our foreheads hit and we both started cracking up. Afterwards, we successfully locked lips and she said I tasted like coffee. We went back to her front stoop and kissed some her and then it started raining. So beautiful, so pure, so young." – John Paul Ficenec, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

All in all, February is always a fun time for us to reminisce about the lovely times — and the awkward ones. Valentine's Day is around the corner, and I hope yours is filled with love, whether between friends, dogs or significant others.


Lead Image Credit: Lydia Berry

Lead Image Credit: Lydia Berry