Taking out the garbage is the worst part of my week. I hate how it smells, I hate how heavy the bags are, I hate having to walk all the way downstairs and outside to the dumpster and I hate finally having to heave it over my shoulder to get it into said dumpster. 

Whether you call it trash or garbage, rubbish or waste, we accumulate a lot of it. I'm sure many fellow college peers attempt to hide things in their garbage bins, as well; conspicuously covering up their beer cans and bottles... and other unmentionables. For me, I don't really care what's in our communal trash can, as long as it doesn't smell too badly and I don't get a hernia trying to get rid of it. 

For me and my roommates, we toss most of our stuff out in our kitchen garbage, but I have my own bin in my room and bathroom, swallowing my Q-tips and outdated Post-It reminders. We do recycle, as well, but in a college suite, we don't really have the time or energy to compost cantaloupe rinds and coffee filters. There is no choice but to produce crap every single day. And since I'm not a fan of living in filth, I tie up those Glad Force Flexes as tight as can be, swallow my pride and drag them safety-blanket style down two flights of stairs. 

But that's not gonna stop me from complaining about it.

Instead of trash take-out, no offense, but I'd rather do all of these terrible things.

1. Eat brussel sprouts.

2. Listen to "All Star" by Smash Mouth.

3. Watch the entire "Bee Movie."

4. Attempt to reassemble a broken iPhone charger.

5. Watch this gif for ten minutes straight.

6. Shave my legs.

7. Actually write that research paper.

8. Pay for printing.

9. Work on a group project.

10. Read articles your friends shared on Facebook from the Odyssey.

11. Watch a White House press conference.

12. Look cute as hell in the mirror but only end up with a series of terrible selfies. 

13. Choose sides in the "Twilight" saga unironically.

14. Color-code a bag of M&Ms.

15. Go to the gym.

16. Attend a Nickelback concert.

17. Do every single DIY you've ever seen on Pinterest.

18. Fall asleep with all the lights on and wake up at 2 a.m. in a panic because the lights are on.

19. Watch April the Giraffe give birth.

20. Pretend to forget about the trash and allow it to smell for two days longer than it should.

We know that adulthood means taking out the trash regularly, washing all the dishes and making the bed, but I prefer to believe in the baby step method. No matter what your least favorite chore tends to be, nothing will be worse than the impending doom of growing up.

I'll take care of it eventually, OK?

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay