I don't believe in the terms "dog person" or "cat person" because there should not be a debate. Dogs are amazing, pure and friendly, and we should all aspire to be like them. College life oftentimes removes us from our pets and other animals, so when people spot a puppy on campus or a good service dog doing a great job, it's cause for celebration. I scoured social media to find some of those amazing dogs, and the results are beautiful.

1. Dogs for your mental health.

My school has brought in therapy dogs a few times, and it is the BEST. It makes me so happy to see other universities incorporating this into student involvement programs, because really, it does help stress levels go down.


It's unclear who this dog is or what it is doing on campus, but it's there, and that's what matters.

3. High-fashion dogs.

Service dogs are such a tease, because they're smart and incredible, but it's not always cool to pet them. This means that sometimes they wear cute vests to remind you to admire from afar. These pups are in training, but I'm sure they'll look amazing.

4. Traveling dogs.

This Golden Retriever has so many friends and is thrilled to visit them all.

5. Campus tour guide dogs.

These pups were seen assisting incoming students, which was very nice of them.

6. Holy Toledo dogs.

This college is the virtual place to be for a dog fix. They even have an Instagram devoted to campus dog love, which means a) I need to transfer and b) I need that job.

7. Educational dogs.

These friends came to help teach lessons to law enforcement students, and that was probably the best class to ever happen.

8. A very professional dog.

Tonka had business cards when he came to de-stress students, so his resume is at the top of the pile now.

9. A baby dog!

This fluffball was definitely in favor of singing lullabies when he met his new friend. Very relaxing to be held like an infant. 

10. A studious dog.

This pal welcomes newcomers to Chapel Hill in North Carolina. He is thrilled to see you today and hopes you do well on all your tests.

11. Dogs who know how to accessorize.

Throw your Sigma Kappa baseball caps out the window, because these dogs are giving you a run for your money.

12. U-ChiDOGo dogs.

Pearl and Nina are UChicago residents who seem to be terrified of everything. Me too, Pearl and Nina.

13. Fast-moving dogs

13. Dogs on the move.

Marissa has a great hobby of taking pictures of rogue doggos. We should thank her for her service.

14. A spotty dog.

Rock is guarding over the library and its students. He put in a valiant effort.

15. A squinty dog.

This friend smiles so much he can barely see. That's a great quality to have.

16. Rescued dogs.

These lost pups made their way into a lecture hall, which sounds like me on the first day of freshman year.

and lastly...

17. American hero dogs.

This pup visited campus the day after the election, which was very kind and very necessary. 

I hope these dogs made you smile in light of the nonstop news cycle and helped you move along into this week. Tag Fresh U in your sneaky (or totally welcomed) dog pictures on Twitter and Instagram at @FreshUonline!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels