Over a recent long weekend, my mom and I took a trip to our local Barnes & Noble to have a little scavenger hunt. We, for the purposes of this article, went into the kid's section to find picture book titles that also applied to college life. As a non-stop reader in my early years, this trip felt really cool and nostalgic, as I reconnected with the person I was and who I'm becoming. In a way, college brings us back to the basics of childhood with figuring out the little details and learning how to take care of ourselves in an entirely new way. The books below probably have the answers but it's mostly entertaining to relate them to our lives now. 

1. The Little Engine That Could 

This one is obviously a classic, but how often do we actually think we can anymore? This was a reminder to reaffirm all of our positive thoughts, for the mere reason that we can. 

Kamrin Baker

Get the book here for $5.29.

2. The Cookie Fiasco 

This is too real. The story depicts four animal friends who only have three cookies. I live in an apartment-style dorm with three other people, and I definitely understand the struggle of making sure we have enough food. Also, I can't cook, so I feel like the "fiasco" part of this title is fitting. 

Kamrin Baker

Get it for $8.60.

3. The Book With No Pictures 

BJ Novak's fun kid's book is meant for a reading aloud experience, but the title is exactly how it feels when it comes to long textbook readings in college. Sometimes it seems like the words just never end. 

Kamrin Baker

Get it here for $15.19.

4. Dirt on My Shirt 

This bad boy is a kid's poetry anthology by Jeff Foxworthy, but I think we know the real reason I selected it: the daunting task of laundry. (Or if you're anything like me, literally spilling every ingestible item on my clothing.)

Kamrin Baker

Get the book here for $3.99.

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Although another classic (thanks, Eric Carle!),  I know someone else who eats their way through reading. It's me. I'm the someone else. And snacks are my saviors on a daily basis. 

Grace Baker

Get it here for $6.89.

6. We Are Growing! 

This book tells the story of blades of grass that grow together. Everyone seems to be something special, but the main character waits for his unique characteristics to come through. If this is not the most sociologically relatable book you've seen, I don't know what to tell you. 

Kamrin Baker

Get the book here for $9.27.

7. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish 

This book felt like a keeper when I realized that we can only have fish as pets in our dorm rooms. What happens if I desperately want ten Golden Retrievers, though? 

Kamrin Baker

Get the book here for $8.92.

8. Madam President 

This book is about a little girl who imagines herself as the president. In a time like ours, I think this is so important for young girls - and even us older ladies - who are thinking about what they want to do in the world. 

Kamrin Baker

Get it here for $14.09.

9. Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome 

Speaking of presidents, this book is exactly what I need every school day. How simple would life be if we had a witty, pep-talk-giving Kid President by our side at all times? I think we can make our own Guides to Being Awesome, though. Find what lights your fire and do it. 

Kamrin Baker

Get the book here for $10.14.

10. The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep 

Is this a biography? I have never related more to a fictional character. But really, who doesn't want a calming trip through a mystical forest before bed time? Sleep is key in college, and I think Ellen the Elephant could very well help some of us. 

Kamrin Baker

Get it here for $13.33.

11. An American Girl Series: A Smart Girl's Guide to Worry, The Feelings Book, Is This Normal? and Staying Home Alone 

These books are guides for tween girls going into puberty, but I feel like they should make some of those for adults. With more mature information, maybe?

Kamrin Baker

Get A Smart Girl's Guide to Worry here for $9.09, The Feelings Book here for $8.71, Is This Normal? here for $9.56 and Staying Home Alone here for $9.09

12. What to Expect the First Year 

They made this for college freshmen, right?

Get the book here for $12.81.

If any of these books appealed to you, I've included the Amazon links, but I found them all at Barnes & Noble! Go forth and study the books that are actually fun to read. To quote Johnny Depp: "You have to grow older, but you don't have to grow up." 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels