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Jun 27 2017
by Kamrin Baker

10 Restaurants Near the University of Nebraska-Omaha You Need to Try

By Kamrin Baker - Jun 27 2017

It is common knowledge that food is a big driving force behind college students. We meet for coffee when we make new friends, we celebrate the end of the semester at our favorite Italian restaurant in off-the-shoulder dresses and we only show up to events if they're well-catered and free. Although student discounts are a blessing and the Pocket Points app has our wallets in mind, it's still really challenging to narrow down good places to eat that won't break the bank.

Of course fast food restaurants are an easy 'yes,' and chain establishments usually find a lot of college patronage in the form of gift cards, but Olive Garden is not going to cut it for the next four years. 

I'd like to consider myself an eating expert, as I'm sure many people are, but I also adore the local businesses and restaurants in the Omaha area around the University of Nebraska-Omaha (and Creighton University, though I'm not a Bluejay). 

In the following Omaha food guide, I will take you sweet, pure, poor college students for a journey through the my local Flavor Town. Please pretend I'm photo-bombing and wearing a Guy Fieri wig in all of the below photos.

1. Frank's Pizzeria 

Frank's Pizza is MY ISH. I started getting pizza there when I was five years old, and now I take my boyfriend whenever I possibly can. My mom grew up in New York, and she swears this place serves the closest Big Apple thin crust that Omaha can offer. This establishment is a bit tucked away, off 132nd and Dodge, so it's a quick little journey away from UNO, but definitely worth it. 

Favorites: Cheese pizza, garlic knots, cannoli

Kamrin Baker

2. Juice Stop

Juice Stop is not necessarily a restaurant because they only serve smoothies, but this Omaha-based smoothie bar is on everyone's Favorites list. With four locations, and one in walking distance of the university, this "Juice for the Journey" stop is a clear winner. The normal sized smoothies are all $5 even and refreshing at all times of the year.

Favorites: Power Play, Tumble Turn, Sticky Wicket, Freestyle