If you're anything like me, Halloween costumes are an opportunity to unleash your creativity in a festive and clever way. Some people like using makeup to accentuate Halloween's gory details, while others like to roll with a more adorable and playful vibe. Below are ten ideas to get your wheels turning with your roommate, significant other or other friends before the holiday rolls around. 

1. Netflix & Chill

Of course this trendy costume will turn heads. One half of the group will wear a red T-shirt with a printed Netflix symbol, with any personal details like shorts, leggings or knee-highs. For the dudes, feel free to follow your conscience and wear whatever bottoms make you comfy. The other half consists of a blue T-shirt covered in crafty snowflakes. 


2. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

This duo is a Nickelodeon favorite. Complete with a seashell bra, kitchen gloves and pink slippers, there is no stopping the Spongebob references. 

3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Are you a blonde with a brunette best friend? Vice versa? Fans of Saturday Night Live and Baby Mama? Impersonate your favorite Tina and Amy moment.


4. Snapchat Filters

This one can bring a whole group to the party. Get puppy ears and a snout, a flower crown, an elderly man's attire and rainbow paint to brush down your chin. The possibilities are *almost* endless. 


5. Finn and Fiona of Adventure Time

This one can be interchangeable with other cartoon characters, but I myself have accomplished this costume with my boyfriend. If you're crafty with felt, you can make your own headgear and pick up blue clothes from Goodwill (or your closet), and complete the outfit with swords.

6. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Find your inner "white girl" and grab a cheap white T-shirt or dress from Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Wrap some cardboard around your torso, decorated with the Starbuck's logo. Top it off with a whipped cream tissue paper headband or a PVC pipe straw.


7. Social Media

Much like the Netflix and Chill idea, this one is easy and affordable. Grab a tee the color of your favorite social media logo and welcome Halloween as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. You can either attempt to paint on your logo or use your handy-dandy printer to tape it right on.


8. Holy Moley and Holy Cow

Grab a big green tee and tape an avocado picture to your chest (guacaMOLE). Paint cow spots onto a white tee. Get angel halo headbands. Boom. Done. 


9. Cacti

If the avocado plan doesn't suit you, use your green top to become a cactus with your roomie! Get green pipe cleaners to stick in your shirt and pink tulle or tissue paper for your flowers. Complete with brown tights or leggings and a football goal post yoga pose, you're set. 


10. Loofahs

Everyone now knows what it's like to share a bathroom in college, so why not share a costume idea? Grab your rubber duckies, flip flops and tulle to create a look for some good, clean fun. Bunch the tulle into two tutus to stack on one another, get some thick string from your local craft store, tape your ducky to a headband and start scrubbin'.

Mackenzie Lambert

Halloween is a time to have fun and get creative, which means you don't need to miss out just because you're on a budget. Craft stores often run sales and rewards memberships, so you can save even more if you go out of your way. 

Have a safe and fun holiday — and don't forget to Instagram.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels