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Feb 05 2016
by Kameron Wilhelm

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining A Swing Dance Club

By Kameron Wilhelm - Feb 05 2016

You might be looking for a new club to join. Well if your school offers swing dancing, I would highly recommend trying it out. There are a lot of benefits that come with swing dance that you might not have considered. I encourage you to try out a few lessons to see if it speaks to you as it did for me.

1. You get to interact with lots of people.


The cool thing about swing dancing is that it is a social dance. This means you don’t dance with the same partner for every song. I have met so many amazing individuals at my college, other colleges, and in the community. Those who stick with swing are one of the most passionate group of people I have ever met.

2. You can impress others.


Whenever I tell someone that I swing dance, they are always thoroughly impressed. Swing dancing makes you stand out from the crowd. It is a way to further express yourself as an individual. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be able to bust out some moves on the spot and woo the ladies (or gentlemen)!

3. It connects you with the older generations.


Swing dance has been around since the early 1920s. When I went home during fall break, many in the older generation at my church told me stories of their swing dance experiences. Dances will also attract elder people to come, and let me tell you, they are some of the greatest dancers I have seen. 

4. It is good for your health.


Swing dancing gets your heart pumping. I cannot count the numerous of times when I head back to the dorm sweating and feeling good about myself. There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment once you finally get a move down. At dances, men often bring an extra shirt to change into throughout the evening. If that doesn’t tell you anything, then I don’t know what else to say.

5. It challenges you to embrace your retro self.

If you like going full out (like myself), you dress up. For the ladies, it is super fun to go thrift shopping with your friends to find the perfect vintage dress for a dance. Also, getting cute shoes and your hair done is an experience all on its own. If you enjoy listening to jazz music or even modern music changed to be more swing-like, this is a way to further embrace it and be proud about your passion. 

6. You learn something new every time.


Between practices and dances, there isn’t a time that you are not learning something new. There are so many moves in swing dance, that you won’t ever not see something different - even at dances! Last semester, we had a dance with a few alumni. I am pretty sure within that one dance, I learned four different moves.

7. It is a boost of confidence.


The nice thing about swing dance is that everyone had to start from the beginning. Last semester, I was the newbie and it was nerve wracking to learn. But now, second semester I am helping the newbies learn the basic step for swing dance. There is just something about dancing with a partner and knowing what you are doing. You'll have to try it out to understand what I mean fully. 

8. But most of all, it's dancing!


If you enjoy dancing, this is the hobby to start up. While sure, Homecoming and Prom were fun for high school. Swing dancing is a whole different level. It is also a great way of relaxing because you are in the moment, instead of stressing about other aspects of life. You don’t have time worrying about when the next paper is due.

These are just a few of the benefits of joining the world of swing dance. Again, I encourage you to try swing dancing out. With a little bit of practice, you will be dancing like a pro! 

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Kameron Wilhelm - James Madison University

Kameron Wilhelm is a freshman at James Madison University majoring in International Business. She enjoys curling up in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea while reading novels and memoirs. Some of her other passions include photography, geocaching, fashion and cooking. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @totesitskam.

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