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Feb 03 2017
by Kamari Stewart

Why You Should Consider Joining A Sorority Your Freshman Year

By Kamari Stewart - Feb 03 2017

Your first year at college is bound to be full of new everything. You’re seeing all new faces, getting used to a new room and for some, that means living with a roommate for the first time. New classrooms, new professors and new responsibility.

If your campus is anything like mine, amongst all the newness, there was one thing that stood out to you the most: Greek letters.

Greek life is prevalent on most campuses, no matter the size, and it seems like everywhere you look, you’re finding new letters and trying to decipher their meaning.

For some people, this could be a great thing. You’ve had an idea of what Greek life is about and have wanted to join since you came into contact with your first organization!

For others, there was no desire to join Greek life whatsoever. To you, sororities are just a group of snotty girls who party all day and do nothing else.

With two such opposing views, I decided to ask girls in several different sororities a few questions about their experiences.

What did you expect when joining a sorority?

“I expected both negatives and positives. I expected it in some aspect to be like the movies and books, but I knew I couldn't think that way. I decided to keep an open mind and go with how I felt meeting the girls. When I met the girls, I began to expect positives of friendships and support systems.” - Thalia, Class of 2019, Nu Zeta Phi

“I expected a group of girls who I could call my best friends but there's more to it than that. I knew that there would be girls with my major who could help me when it comes time to register for classes, alumni who would have internship opportunities for me and much more. “ - Alexis, Class of 2018, Delta Phi Epsilon

“I didn't know what to expect. I never really looked into sororities, I was only interested in it because of the girls I had met.” - Anna, Class of 2018, Phi Sigma Sigma

What do you think the media gets wrong about being in a sorority?

“Media portrays sororities as stuck up and ditzy when it reality we get our stuff done and we are very motivated and goal oriented.” - Jessika, Class of 2019, Nu Zeta Phi

“It’s not all parties and alcohol!” - Nicole, Class of 2018, Gamma Sigma Sigma

What benefits do you think come from joining a sorority?

Every response for this question surrounded the networking and connections that are made through their organizations. Here are just a few examples of what they had to say:

“Networking/connections, definitely. I now have sisters across the country that will help me out with anything simply because we're sorority sisters, even if I've never ever met them.” - Nicole, Class of 2018, Gamma Sigma Sigma

“I believe joining a sorority helps with your confidence, work ethic and responsibility. [It also] opens you up to mingling with other sororities and fraternities. [There is] a business portion because we do have to keep the org alive. We have chairs sisters must uphold and we have responsibilities in each. You learn how to time manage well along with being a leader for the community because the college campus looks to Greek organizations for those positions and to be role models. “ - Thalia, Class of 2019, Nu Zeta Phi

Would you recommend joining a sorority your freshman year?

“I think it's an excellent decision if you want to grow as a person. I have learned so much through being a sister, and I highly recommend it to freshmen.” - Anna, Class of 2018, Phi Sigma Sigma

“It is a great way to get started and encourages you to be active on campus.” Cinthia, Class of 2018, Delta Phi Epsilon

What advice would you offer girls thinking about joining a sorority their freshman year?

“Try it. You don’t have anything to lose. It’s good to go out of your comfort zone!” - Jessika, Class of 2019, Nu Zeta Phi

“Think about it! Don't decide based on what your friends are doing or how you think people will see you after! Do what you feel is best for you in the long run.” - Nicole, Class of 2018, Gamma Sigma Sigma

“Be yourself, because you wouldn't want to pretend to fit into an organization just to spend the next four years with girls who you can't be yourself with.” - Alexis, Class of 2018, Delta Phi Epsilon

“Definitely go to recruitment with an open mind. You never know which org you're going to fit with. Don't join an org just because your friends are doing it. Go for one that feels right.” - Anna, Class of 2018, Phi Sigma Sigma

Whether you are 100% sure that you want to join a sorority or are still on the fence about it, hopefully these encouraging words told you how great it really can be. 

Lead Image Credit: Kristof Rau via Instagram

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Kamari Stewart - Pace University

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