In college, the idea of achieving a suggested full eight hours of sleep every night for a young adult becomes a forgotten way of life. 8 A.M.s have students hitting the snooze button at 6:30 A.M. when they barely got to bed at 3 o' clock, whether it be for an English paper, a lab report, or a quick Netflix binge. Some student athletes rise to the grind every morning as early as 4:30. Therefore, napping has become an essential tool to master in college. Here are some tips to slipping in those extra blissful minutes of rest: 

1.)  Know Your Schedule 

Personally, the two hour block between my first and second classes on Mondays allows me half an hour to get back and forth each way, plus an hour to fit in the perfect snooze. However, I know my schedule well enough to understand that if I pass out after my morning practice and before my 10 A.M. class, there's a good chance I won't make it across campus. 

2.) Create a Comfortable Environment (or as comfortable as you can make it!) 

College means few moments of peace and quiet. Back at home there were no hall mates that loved to blast music literally all day and all night. It can be hard to create a tranquil, soothing, and peaceful environment to snooze in. Eye masks, earplugs and a comfy blanket can be used to help. College, however, has become a beautiful learning ground in how to nap in some crazy places. On a warm day many students catch naps in outdoor quads, and others look on in envy at the student taking 20 minutes to snooze on his books at the library. 

3.) Master the Power Nap 

Everyone's heard about it, whether whispered about like a treasured myth or bragged about loudly in the hallways. A 20 minute nap period is known as the power nap, as it gives the body just enough time to recharge, store information, and feel refreshed upon waking up. The key is in the execution: it's important to know how long it takes your body to fall asleep and set your alarm accordingly. Done right, it can transform a day. 

4.) Drink Coffee Before 

Before slumping into a power nap, consume a cup of coffee right before you sleep. Caffeine usually takes around twenty minutes to absorb and for the body to feel its effects, so drinking it right before sleeping for a few allows you to wake up extra energized. 

With finals week starting alarmingly soon, these tips should be helpful when it's Thursday and you've maybe slept for two hours in the past two days and have seen the sun once. Good luck to all! 

Lead Image Credit: Tumblr