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Jun 29 2015
by Kalina Newman

The Summer Struggle of Incoming College Athletes

By Kalina Newman - Jun 29 2015

1. First off, let’s talk about all of the food at grad parties.

The loose thought of, “I’m already trying to eat healthy, I worked out today, plus it’s free and it tastes so good,” is enough justification to slip into the massive food coma that comes along with endless free food to feed our enormous appetites.

2. The constant dread that you’re slowly getting more and more out of shape

Nothing beats the motivation of working out with a team, but for sports that don’t offer solid summer leagues, it’s up to you to keep yourself active. Sometimes the gym gets lonely and summer keeps a person so busy with other activities that just like the poor panda above, workouts that once seemed so easy take a little extra effort.

3. The struggle of tan lines

A spring season of running around in a plethora of any type of sports gear you could imagine, including mid-calf socks, shin guards and sports bras, can leave some unfortunate tan lines. While all of your friends are showing off perfectly bronzed stomachs, you’re just trying to get rid of the white thigh patch that projects from underneath your running shorts.

4. Did someone mention heat?

Afternoon jogs will never be the same when there are literal gallons of sweat pouring from your forehead and you’re going out of your way to hit your neighbor’s sprinklers.

5. The snooze button

While most friends are enjoying lazy mornings of sleeping in until the afternoon, some of us know that we’ll have morning practices to attend to soon enough. Some of us (here’s looking at you, swimmers) are even practicing in our own summer leagues with early wake up calls. But the bed is so comfy…five more minutes of sleep won’t hurt too bad.

6. The excitement and unbelievable anticipation to join your college team

While this one might not be so much of a direct struggle, I know I’m at least scouring over NCAA photos, videos and profiles of upperclassmen athletes in an incredible state of excitement. There’s a reason you’re joining your particular team and each day brings you closer to rocking your new status as a college athlete.

Lead Image Credit: The Huffington Post

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Kalina Newman - Boston University

Kalina Newman is a freshman at Boston University attending the COM School and planning to major in journalism. In high school, she was editor for her school's literary magazine and co-captain of the varsity women's rowing team. When not rowing, she's exploring her hometown of Washington, D.C. You can catch her on both Instagram and Twitter @kaleenex!

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