Congratulations! You're finally in college!

Now, let's start this year off right... here is the treasured Ultimate College Freshman Bucket List.

1. Start a chant at a school-wide sporting event.
2. Pull a bona fide all-nighter.
3. Attend a protest.
4. Steal at least 3 pounds worth of food from the dining hall.
5. Go out to a fancy dinner with new friends, formal attire required.
6. Have an impromptu dance party on the quad.
7. Stay at school for one holiday instead of going home.
8. Interrupt a campus tour.
9. Spend a week only eating things you’ve never tried before.
10. Have a cliché Spring Break and go down to Miami.
11. Write your name in Sharpie somewhere on campus.
12. Go college-hopping and visit your old friends at their campuses.
13. Enroll in the most random class you can find.
14. Temporarily dye your hair an outrageous color.
15. Invite a professor to lunch.
16. Take a spontaneous weekend road trip.
17. Rush! #GreekLife
18. Sit next to the one person in class that never talks, and start a conversation.
19. Get involved with as many clubs as you can.
20. Go to a free health/exercise class on campus.
21. Actually check a book out of the library. You never know.
22. Go on a night walk with a huge group of friends.
23. Explore the area around your campus.
24. Wing a test.
25. Go out the night before your earliest class.
26. Dance on top of furniture at a party.
27. Eat ice cream for breakfast. Simply because you can.
28. Leave your dorm room door open whenever you’re home.
29. Earn that 4.0 GPA!
30. Take every condom from the basket in the Health and Resource Center and then run.
31. Ask someone out on a traditional date.
32. Write for the student newspaper.
33. Take a friend home for a holiday.
34. Try and get through a week of classes with no coffee.
35. Do a good deed a day and pay forward any good deeds done for you.
36. Visit any and all landmarks, museums, or concerts in your campus’ area.
37. Host a Netflix party in your dorm room.
38. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Everywhere.
39. Apply for your dream internship.
40. Document and enjoy every moment of your freshman year of college! You only get one!

Lead Image Credit: DreamWorks Pictures and The Montecito Picture Company