In 2015, practically everything that we know is linked to technology. In fact, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that most of our day-to-day activities involve social media. People have used social media to expand their social reaches on all levels. As the years have gone by, social media has evolved from a communicative rarity to a societal norm. Now, in an economy that has a history of high unemployment rates, it can be used by almost anyone as a networking tool to jump-start careers. Hello, Class of 2019, here’s looking at you! Who better than the generation of all things tech to use social media as an asset for landing the job of your dreams?

With no-nonsense apps like LinkedIn that strive to directly connect you to the people of your chosen profession, opportunity is always around the corner. However, this is where the beauty of social media comes in. Social media is all about personal creation. With it, you have the freedom to create your own opportunity with apps like Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. Casting calls are held on Instagram every day for things like video shoots and fashion labels. Models are being scouted on Instagram with hashtags like model management firm IMG’s #WLYG, which stands for “We Love Your Genes.” Simply put the tag in one of your Insta photos and you may become IMG’s newest model. Social media has been known to become too invasive at times, but platforms like Instagram prove to be excellent for opportunity. Insta provides an inside look to your life, a sneak peek that may be more of a blessing than a curse. A photographer can share their shots, a singer can post a 15-second riff, a model can post a great headshot, a hairstylist can post pictures of their latest ‘do — all to expand their social reach and hopefully attract the eye of the right people.

With apps like Twitter and Snapchat, the “right people” are only a tap away. Updates are instantaneous and have brought us closer to the people around us than ever before. The inside look brought by Instagram is taken a step further as we can read or watch, merely seconds after, what a person is up to. This too, can be advantageous. These updates constantly thrust you into “the know,” giving you an edge. Networking becomes a lot easier when you are up to date about a company’s current events.

Yet, even with all this information, how does one begin to network through social media? Easy: the CEO of your dream job’s company is tweeting about needing interns? Tweet them back and strike up a conversation! The digital director of your dream job’s website posts a picture of a newly redesigned site? Comment a compliment and like all recent posts – this way, they will notice you in their activity feed and be compelled to click on your profile. The editor of your dream job’s magazine posts a Snapchat saying they will be at the same event as you? Look out for them and give them your name and social media handles – then later post about it, tag them, and hope they see your interest! In the era of technology, networking is as easy as a few clicks. Be consistent, be diligent, be creative, be eager, be you – nothing will attract the social media attention of the right people more than a great personality shining through the screen. 

Lead Image Credit:, Viktor Hanacek (Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.)