You know what they say - emojis imitate life.  If college students were these cute yellow emoticons, here's what you would find: 

1. The one who finds out that the 10 page paper is actually due tomorrow instead of next week, but tries to keep their cool.

2. The one who does their reading and web assignments for the first time all semester and feels like the best student in the world.

3. The one who is so homesick they will do whatever it takes to get off campus and see their mom.

4. The one who has the extra meal swipes at the end of the semester.

5. The one who will scour the internet for the lab answers for hours before even opening the textbook.

6. The one who pulls an all-nighter in the library but still shows up to their 8 AM.

9. The one who hears the words “fifty dollars” and makes this face. #BrokeCollegeKidProbs

10. The one who will only take notes on their laptop… or any of their other hundred electronic devices.

11. The one who knows that Thursday is the college version of Friday.

12. The one who always stands out. Every group of college kids has at least one hipster.

13. The one who is never seen on the quad without a protest sign in hand - the activist.

14. The one who shows up in class on three days and three days only: syllabus day, midterm day, and final day.

15. The one who is never on time for anything, whether it’s dinner at the dining hall or the schoolwide formal.

16. The one who never sleeps. But isn’t that every college student?

Lead Image Credit: Kaitlyn McNab