I rounded up 16 college freshmen from an array of different colleges, universities, and learning institutions across the country, and asked them why they chose their major. Find out more about these interesting students below.

1. David Seo

Institution: University of California, Irvine

Major: Public Health Sciences

"Initially, I applied and got into UCI as a guitar major, but I chose to switch into public health because I realized I didn't want to pursue music as a professional career. Honestly, I'm still not sure why I chose public health over any other major, but I'm just trying to see if I'll continue to enjoy it as I progress through my education."

2. Juwan L. Harris

Institution: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Major: Public Health/Pre-Med

"I chose Public Health because all my life I've wanted to help people, I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I was in 6th grade and from there I knew I wanted to help as many people as I could. PH is all about helping populations rather than the individuals. I still wish to be a doctor but I want to have the experience of affecting change and promoting health at a population level. My goal/profession is to become an ER/1st Response Surgeon, with early years in Doctors Without Borders."

3. Debora Lemus

Institution: Seton Hall University

Major: Nursing

"Since I was about four years old I knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I was always fixed on becoming a doctor but as I got older I started realizing nurses provide more patient-based care than doctors do. Being in and out of hospitals due to field hockey injuries and what not, I realized how much of a personal experience nurses provide. Out of all the fields to go into I feel nursing is one of the most humble and honest. Nurses learn to treat all patients with care - no matter their race, religion, or ethnicity - and acknowledge them for who they are as a person, not just their ailment. Patients and patients' families rely on us to be there for them at their very worst and that type of responsibility and commitment is so uplifting."

4. Khamijah Glover

Institution: Kean University

Major: Biology

"I chose my major because I love learning about how the body functions and how organisms interact with one another. Wanting to be a future Neurosurgeon, learning about the body is not only a requirement but a passion. Learning biology makes my eyes light up and I wouldn't want it any other way."

5. Stephanie Hampton

Institution: Rider University

Major: Theatre Performance

"In 8th grade, on a field trip with my select choir class, I was introduced to the theatre. I was raised around music, which was my original college plan, but never theatre. Like any true millennial, I immediately researched and became aware of an entire history, culture, and community that came along with theatre and fell in love. In high school, I was blessed enough to receive roles in plays and musicals that fueled my love of theatre and the art of acting. But before I could do anything, I had to acknowledge that I knew absolutely nothing about the craft, history, or business of theatre. I only had a passion for performance. I needed to really study the craft to fully become more than just a performer, but a trained artist."

6. Tyler Sekunda

Institution: The College of New Jersey

Major: English/Screenwriting

"I am hoping to transfer to USC next semester and be a part of the screenwriting program. I want to be a screenwriter because writing movies and/or TV shows will give me a chance to express myself from many different points of view. I’ve been influenced by movies and TV all of my life and, for me, it takes incredible skill to elicit such strong emotions from people of all different walks of life. I hope to one day be able to write movies that can impact the lives of viewers and reach them on a deep level. My ideal career would be writing dramatic films and also working on comedic TV shows. Screenwriting will give me a creative outlet with which I can reach millions of people and right now I can only imagine how it feels to have that kind of an impact on the world."

7. Marsha Pierre

Institution: Montclair State University

Major: Dance

"I didn't pick the major that would guarantee me a job right after college or the one that would give me the most money in my career. I picked it simply because of the joy and love I have for it. Point blank. More than ever, I feel as if dance is necessary and vital to my existence. Some say why don't you pick a major that'll make a difference in the world. I just respond, 'I am.'"

8. Bryan Lee

Institution: University of Southern California

Major: Animation

"On a warm summer's eve I sat and admired the moon. "Speak to me," I said to the moon. The moon replied: 'Young child, embrace my tender love within yourself and inhale the fumes of my light.' This is when I knew, I knew that I was meant to do something greater than myself. And with the blessing of the moon I conquered my fears and in doing so, currently attend the University of Southern California where I am learning the art of passion and animation."

9. Olivia Hutchinson

Institution: Monmouth University

Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice

"I chose my major because I can combine the two or just pursue a single career path that I would be extremely happy about. I will be able to help people, which is my ultimate end goal. I plan on doing a lot of service projects with psychology to help the development of children and young adults."

10. Selamawit Gashaw

Institution: New York University

Major: International Affairs, Child Development, and Music through the lens of identity formation

"I care a lot about the global world and see myself working abroad with kids some day. I firmly believe the change that needs to be brought about in this world that we can't bring is hidden in youth who can't seem to break away from the identity society has given them: orphans, adoptees, foster kids, inner city kids. Music aided me in my own identity formation and I believe it's a strong force."

11. Jenna O’Neill

Institution: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Major: Musical Theatre

"I've never seen myself doing anything besides theatre. I didn't want to coast through college with a major I was not in love with. I was tired of hearing people say I couldn't be an actress… so I chose to prove them wrong."

12. Samuel Tekle

Institution: Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

"In 2008, Jesus transformed my life. A couple of years later, I wanted my sacrifice and devotion to Him to catch up to my passion for Him. Throughout my high school years, I became familiar with a band called ‘Bethel Music’ and in turn, the charismatic church they belong to, Bethel Church. They believe that Jesus still heals instantaneously. As weird or as cultish as this may sound, this is the Bible, and this is what I study. Jesus has been rejected by so many people - not because they don’t want to believe, but because Christians have been preaching a distant and uninvolved God for too long. I learn to be captured by the heart of God, and by studying to become a minister, through preaching, miracles and signs of God follow me."

13. Diana Kasper

Institution: The Fashion Institute of Technology

Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications

"I chose AMC because of the versatility of the major. Every product needs to be marketed, and marketing efforts have the power to reach everyone in the world in some shape or form!"

14. Kariesha Martinez

Institution: Wesleyan University

Major: Psychology and African-American Studies

"I've known for a while now that I want to major in Psychology. While I was growing up, my mom worked for YAI Premier Healthcare which provides health services to people with mental illnesses. For a lot of ten and eleven-year-olds, it might have been scary to seen people with such severe problems, but for me the only thing running through my mind was “Why?” What's going on in their brain that's different from mine, that causes them to be different from me? I am currently on my own voyage of being "woke" and really questioning what that means, which is why I am double majoring with African American Studies. This field really delves into African American History and other parts of the African Diaspora. It has only recently been offered at my university due to the push and action of students. With my degree in this major, I hope to be able to truly understand the complexities that cause the treatment of my people in today's society."

15. Stephanie Turner

Institution: Rider University

Major: Accounting

"'What am I going to study in college?' was a question I pondered for many years growing up. I enjoy many different things, but have had great difficulty making such a big commitment to a certain subject of study. I went through many different phases so I cannot say I grew up always dreaming of becoming an accountant. I mean, I did not even really know what accounting was until senior year of high school. However, once I was exposed to the subject I loved everything that the job entailed. As an 18 year old, I’m still not exactly sure where I am headed and that is what I love about accounting. There are so many different branches of accounting that I have not even yet been exposed to, and I look forward to having many different options to pursue as a career within this field of study."

16. Chelsea Wynter 

Institution: Spelman College 

Major: English 

"When I came to Spelman, I chose to become English major on a pre-law track. I chose English, as opposed to Political Science because as an English major I will be able to focus on strengthening my writing skills which will be a necessary skill for law school."


Lead Image Credit: gratisography.com