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Jan 14 2016
by Kaitlyn McNab

11 Things About Spring Semester That Would Be Better At Hogwarts

By Kaitlyn McNab - Jan 14 2016

We're all at the point of our freshman year where we have developed an affection of sorts for the colleges we attend and call our second homes. 

But, can we just, for a second, imagine how much better the second half of our school year would be if we were returning to Hogwarts instead? 

1. Buying textbooks for the spring semester wouldn’t be a harrowing online ordeal – it would involve a trip to Diagon Alley and loading a shopping cart of books on Potions, Charms, History of Magic, and the cult favorite – Herbology.

2. The ride back to school wouldn’t be spent next to a crying baby on an airplane or on a six-hour drive in the snow… it would be on the Hogwarts Express with all of your wizarding friends, catching up on all the mischief that took place over break. Anything from the trolley?


3. The idea of returning to dining hall food wouldn’t drive you to tears. Late-night Grand Hall runs forever.

4. That one dreadful class you’re taking this semester that you have to knock off of your required list wouldn't actually be dreadful. It would actually be your favorite class of the semester: Defense Against the Dark Arts! You know, when Umbridge isn't teaching it.

5. All the newsletters from the millions of clubs you signed up for during the fall semester would still clog your inbox, but owls would now deliver said newsletters. As long as it’s not Errol that delivers them.

6. You could finally start applying for a summer internship at the Ministry of Magic! Be careful, though… they say the last intern who went into the Department of Mysteries was never seen again.

7. The anticipation for the spring sports season would be tangible all throughout campus. The four remaining Quidditch matches occur during the spring semester… would Slytherin win the House Cup again this year? Which common room would be throwing the celebratory rager?

8. Hogwarts + winter = walking through a breathtaking, snowy heaven to get to class. Must I say more?

9. And as the semester truly transforms into spring, the snow will melt and Hogwarts (aka campus) would look like this. Again – must I say more?

10. Old habits die hard. Being locked out of your dorm room at midnight would be a bit more bearable if the Fat Lady was there to hold an entertaining conversation.

11. Last but certainly not least, paying Hogwarts’ spring semester tuition would be outstandingly easy. And this is because the Ministry of Magic covers the cost of all magical education! THAT’S RIGHT. FREE TUITION.

I will now have to excuse myself and question my parents as to why they had to be the kind of Muggles that produced another Muggle rather than a Hermione Granger.

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Kaitlyn McNab - New York University

Kaitlyn McNab is a freshman at New York University, concentrating on creative writing, fashion, journalism and media & film. She is a seeking-help shopaholic and a French fry aficionado who loves all things pop culture. You can follow her on Instagram @kaitmcnab and you can follow her blog:!

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