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Mar 04 2016
by Kailyn Slater

The Days of the Week, As Described By Amy Poehler

By Kailyn Slater - Mar 04 2016

From her humble beginnings at the Second City in Chicago to her latest comedy hit with (basically sister) Tina Fey, Amy Poehler has been rocking the world of comedy for decades. You probably know her as the one and only, (future President) Leslie Knope. Here is a good days-of-the-week calendar for all things Amy Poehler:

1. Sunday:

Pretty much breakfast and staying in bed the morning after a night out...or, every Sunday in general.

2. Monday:

I totally love Monday mornings! Wow! Yes! Much love! Cool!

3. Tuesday:

When you realize that it's pretty much the middle of the week ALREADY.

4. Wednesday:

The middle of the week means stress, school work, and weekend plans appearing...already? Really? Wasn't it Sunday like, yesterday?

5. Thursday:

Almost done! You got this. Finish the week strong.

6. Friday:

So ready for the weekend. Let's go, fam. 

7. Saturday:

You did it! Another week of the semester down! Now here's to those waffles Sunday morning.

Lead Image Credit: NBC

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Kailyn Slater - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Kailyn Slater is a first year student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Art & Technology Studies, Sculpture, Writing, Video, and Sound. She does everything and anything with a computer, while concurrently eating waffles and being sarcastic.

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