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Jan 23 2016
by Kailyn Slater

8 Reasons Why Having an On-Campus Job is the BEST

By Kailyn Slater - Jan 23 2016

If you're anything like me, you hate asking your parents for money every time a visit to home rolls around. So, to avoid this and to avoid being broke, you got an on-campus job. Here's really why it's great:

1. You learn to prioritize your life.

After a while, having a job makes you nearly an expert on time management. You learn to allow yourself time to relax, study, and see friends without over-doing it. And, side note, you can also become the 'mom' of your group at a party, considering you probably have work the next day. Staying healthy, physically and mentally, is the best.

2. Your body's internal clock makes sense on weekends.

This is especially relevant if you open more than once a week. Your body becomes used to getting up early, and after a while, it's difficult to miss your 9AM when you naturally wake up at 7AM for work.

3. You don't lose out on homework time (for the most part).

If you work in an office--like financial aid or admissions--, chances are you'll have downtime for homework and/or studying, so you're really not missing out on much. This is different, of course, for my friends who work in the dining hall. *sad face emoji*

4. You become awesome at multitasking.

After becoming a master of Google Calendar, you also become a master of studying at work. Downtime is the best time for getting a head start on tomorrow's reading.

5. It's a great first job. 

If you haven't had a job back home, an on-campus job is a great place to start and will give you actual hands-on experience. Plus, they understand that you're a student first and that academics (should be) your priority, so they'll give you the hours you feel comfortable with.

6. You (hopefully) make instant friends.

Considering you see your co-workers for a few hours every week, you learn to joke around about your job and about school in general. New friends are always great!

7. You're able to buy things that make you feel better while at school.

You finally have enough pocket money for a morning latte to help you focus for your 9AM lecture.

8. You actually feel like an adult (!!!!!). 

And finally, being able to coordinate a busy schedule of academics, an on-campus job, a social life, and Netflix, it makes you realize that you really can adult. 

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Kailyn Slater - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Kailyn Slater is a first year student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Art & Technology Studies, Sculpture, Writing, Video, and Sound. She does everything and anything with a computer, while concurrently eating waffles and being sarcastic.

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