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Jan 25 2016
by Kailyn Slater

10 Times You Thought You Were Leslie Knope First Semester

By Kailyn Slater - Jan 25 2016

1. When you get free food at orientation:

2. And then you discover the self-serve desserts in the dining hall:

3. When you go to your first 9AM after your first weekend

4. When you come home from school after getting a new haircut because new year, new you:

5. Midterms:

6. As you realize that your orientation friends aren't your real friends after a whole semester:

7. Finals:

8. When you realize that you didn't actually prepare for this semester mentally because sleep:

9. When you see that *one* person that just can't stand on your first day back:

10. When you come back to second semester and for Syllabus Week to do it all over again:

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Kailyn Slater - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Kailyn Slater is a first year student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Art & Technology Studies, Sculpture, Writing, Video, and Sound. She does everything and anything with a computer, while concurrently eating waffles and being sarcastic.

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