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Sep 13 2015
by Justine Kim

Why I'm Happy I Didn't Drink in High School

By Justine Kim - Sep 13 2015

At the beginning of my four years of high school, I made a pact with myself that by the time I walked across the stage, that I would not have had a drink of alcohol. Coming from a fairly privileged area, I thought my path would be a hard one, but it really wasn’t. I was lucky enough to go to a school where most people respected the decision to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Don’t go on and judge me so fast, I am by no means a conservative Christian or a prude with a stick up her butt. I always thought that was the type of person who chooses to make the decision to abstain from substance use but I was in a community where the music kids weren’t all potheads and the athletes weren’t all spending time shotgunning in the shower.

The first step was the agreement I made and kept to myself but I found reason to not drink through my friends. Sure people find the opposite in their friends but one thing I realized is that I probably wouldn’t have retained about 75% of the memories I made with my friends if I was drunk during those moments. Everyone’s situation is different but my biggest fear was and is disappointing people and not to get too philosophical, but the best leaders don’t always have the loudest voice, but lead by example. Everyone says the first no is the hardest but I think that each no is sometimes as difficult if not even more difficult. The culture of our generation encourages peer pressure in the party scene and anyone that says otherwise is spewing BS.

Speaking of BS, the girls who managed to drink so much and stay skinny is BS to me. If I had consumed alcohol I would look even more like a tree stump. Alcohol and the food you have to eat before and after does and will make you fat as a forewarning to all of the freshmen out there. 

For my friends who stuck out the journey with me, my level of respect for you now is higher than ever and to my friends who chose to drink in high school, I’m happy you made it out alive.

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Justine Kim - Northwestern University

Justine Kim is a freshman at Northwestern University. She is currently Undecided and spends her free time reading self help books, eating dairy free froyo, and listening to jazz EDM. She also has a passion for social justice and politics, however, can't make up her mind about the 2016 presidential candidates. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jkimmy7.

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