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Oct 14 2015
by Justine Kim

The 10 Best Things About Going to School Close to Home

By Justine Kim - Oct 14 2015

There’s often a taboo with going to college close to home and most people are excited about the prospect of leaving their bubble—“exploring the world." But who says that you can’t explore the world while being within two hours from home? My university is 20 minutes away from where I live and so far it hasn’t lived up to the fears I had about staying so close to home.

1. Save $$$

Freshman year is often a time of transition and it is often accompanied by a desire to return home during breaks. Based on where you’re from, tickets to go home could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand if you’re international.


2. Emergencies

Knock on wood, but if for any reason there was an emergency in your family or with you, being close to home makes your life just a bit easier. Quick anecdote: a friend broke her finger and needed surgery, luckily her family was close by and was able to take care of her pre-and post-surgery.


3. Pets

You may not miss your parents, but EVERYONE with a pet misses their dog, cat, ferret, and hamster.