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Aug 26 2015
by Justine Kim

Summertime Sadness

By Justine Kim - Aug 26 2015

Whether you're on the quarter system or you're university just starts late, it's a hard transition from constantly having people around you to having little to no one. TBH, anyone this applies to isn't even in school right now... why else would you be trying to empathize with this. 

1.  Preparation

You’re preparing for the impending departure of everyone you hold dear to you. Everyone mocks that soon, it’s just going to be you and the few stragglers who are also on the quarter system. Friends haven’t even left yet but you’re mentally preparing for the boredom that will soon ensue.


2. THE Week

It’s here. The 10 day interval in which your friends all leave. You feel a mixture of nostalgia, sadness and jealousy that others get to experience welcome week and meeting new friends while you’re stuck in your hometown for another month. The days and evenings are filled with meeting up with friends leading up to the day they leave and everyone trying to cram hometown foods and bucket list activities. After the first goodbye, the rest don’t seem so hard.


Who are you trying to fool, you cry for every goodbye.

3. Congregation

You’re part of the select few. The only ones left are the unluckies on the quarter system along with those who leave late. You and the other survivors become a posse; the only ones left other than your friends who are high school seniors but they’re too busy being anxious about college applications. Loneliness is a constant presence.


4. Boredom

It’s a culture shock, going from having someone and something to do all the time to being left with the book your university sent you and social media. You’re mind is telling you to be productive but your body refuses to move from your bed if it’s before 11 AM.


5. Aggravation

Now you’re just pissed. Your Snap Stories are filled with videos of frat parties and meeting new people. Ok. Cool. You’re thinking “I’m having fun too” as you’re eating a Chipotle Burrito Bowl alone. Social media sucks. However, the frustration is preventing you from being's a vicious cycle.


6. Busy Work

Google said to "Find a Hobby" which led to crafts. So many crafts. Pinterest is your only friend and the people at Michaels know your name. Thoughts run through your mind, “The zoo sounds fun!” and “Maybe I’ll try this new eclectic coffee shop”, only problem is there’s no one to tag along. You start packing and you start getting so excited for college and all of the new experiences to come! OH WAIT… there’s still three weeks.  





8. ...MORE SLEEP...

Honestly, you’re more happy sleeping than staring at Snapchats of the “FIRST DAY OF CAWLEDGE!!!!! <insert emojis here>” or the instagrams of your best friends at a frat party. Might as well sleep now because in a few months you know you'll be sleeping four hours if you're lucky.


Everyone needs their beauty sleep.

9. Denial

It’s only been a few days and you refuse to believe that this is happening. You feel insecure about your lack of friends and there is no one to affirm that you are funny or pretty. This isn’t happening. Friends are still here. Someone still loves you.


10. Acceptance

You have to accept it. Nothing is the same and it never will be. Make the most of the time you have because there will never be another time in your life where you can do nothing and have no consequences. Learn how to be by yourself or even better spend time with your family because in a few weeks, you won’t be able to see them everyday.



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Justine Kim - Northwestern University

Justine Kim is a freshman at Northwestern University. She is currently Undecided and spends her free time reading self help books, eating dairy free froyo, and listening to jazz EDM. She also has a passion for social justice and politics, however, can't make up her mind about the 2016 presidential candidates. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jkimmy7.

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