Disclaimer (Yes, I’m looking at you California and Florida): These tips pertain to residents of states that actually experience seasons…

Now that the weather is becoming chillier and the leaves are beginning to fall, we’re faced with a looming question… How the **** do we dress for hot, sweaty parties when it’s freezing outside? Fresh U has the answer.


Wear a coat. Being from the Midwest, I brush off the suggestion when it’s 50 degrees but as the frostbite warnings roll around the corner, I’m going to take all the insulation I can get. BUT.. WHERE DO I PUT IT? Good question conscience! In order to not lose or get your coat stolen, put your coat behind the couch, in the laundry machine, or just not in the huge pile: it will get lost.



Flannels are a staple item everyone should have in their closet. In the fall, throw a flannel on top of your cute tank. Or for the lumberjacks out there, flannels go well with jeans and a nice pair of Timbs.



Even if your upper body is freezing as you trudge through the snow, boots will keep your feet from facing the harsh winter and there are plenty of cute boots for guys and gals that are waterproof and will keep your piggies warm.



Leggings are basically the new jeans. No one wants to be at a party and feel constricted by the waistband of the skinny jeans you barely got into. There is also an amazing thing called fleece lined leggings which not only provide comfort, but also warmth.



Basically, what I’ve been getting at. ... wear anything on top so that if (when) it gets too hot, you can tie it around your waist. Light sweaters or cardigans are great for the fall and wool sweaters are great for the winter!


Lead Image Credit: KatAvenue