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May 18 2016
by July Alexander

A Letter to the Best Friend Leaving for College

By July Alexander - May 18 2016

Dear Best Friend,

You are so beautiful. You are so smart. You are an amazing person. I don’t know what I did to get you as my best friend. You are someone I will cherish, and our memories will be the best things about high school for me.

I sit here writing this in the bedroom where so many of our slumber parties, movie nights and random singing occurred. We found ourselves together and created a friendship that everyone was envious of. I changed you and you changed me. I am a different person because of your patience and friendship. I am so extremely joyous that you are following your dreams, I know the road has been tough. At the same time, it is heartbreaking to know that I will not see you often. We will write and call, but I will still miss planning a concert road trip and leaving for it forty minutes later (let’s be honest though, that was an awesome concert).

You’ve been the best friend I could ask for. You were there (and even stood by me) when I dated a guy that you knew I shouldn’t have dated. You were there when he broke my heart and every time I needed you. Hopefully I’ve returned the favor, but I could never repay you for all you’ve done for me. You have taught me so much and I only wish you have the best. I know that things might get rough, but I am always here for you.

I hope you know how much you mean to me. You are my world, and I would do anything for you. You’re one of the biggest reasons I found what my calling was and am following my own dreams. If you ever need me for anything, I do mean anything, know that I’ll be there in a flash. I guess we knew this day would come, our graduation and you leaving. When did it get so close? We seemed to have so much time to do all the things we wanted to, but it’s gone in a blink. While everyone is counting down the days until summer, I am woefully counting the days until you leave. You won’t be here forever, I know that, but just it seems so soon.

Please, don’t change yourself for anyone. You are great as YOU. You will go and do great things. I will see you soon. You’ll visit, I’ll visit. Then after college, I’ll be coming up your way. I know that this won’t hurt us, it will just make our friendship stronger. I just have to survive through the goodbye. Please know I am always just one phone call away. Thanks for being my best friend.

I love you, girlie.

Your Best Friend

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July Alexander - University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Hi! I am July (like the month) and I am a freshman at University of North Carolina Wilmington! I major in education and hope to become a teacher. I love to write and watch disney movies! Find me on facebook, or instagram @july.alexander !

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