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May 13 2016
by July Alexander

15 Things I Will Really Miss From High School

By July Alexander - May 13 2016

We all have been in high school for years. The drama, classes, everything about high school is starting to make us sick. Through senioritis, skipping, and sleeping through class we’re seeking a way to get out of here as soon as possible. With everyone looking towards college and what’s to come, what about the familiar things we’ve taken advantage of for years? Although I am excited to start college, here are 15 things I will miss about high school.

1. Free Textbooks

I know you don’t want to hear this, but enjoy that really heavy history book that your teacher saddled you with. I know you have to carry it back and forth every day, but at least you didn’t pay $300, then have to tote it around.

2. The Cafeteria

Remember being a tiny little freshman? Walking into this huge loud room that served possibly sub-par lunch, wondering where you’ll sit? Over the past four years you’ve made friends and you all have lunch at the same time. Throughout college, this is less possible. Classes are scheduled whenever, and no one really has a mandated lunch period.

3. Easily Making Friends

You had Algebra with this girl and now you’re in English together, *BAM* friendship. In college you can totally be alone if you want. You go to mixers and parties meeting people and having to put in a real effort to make a friend out of the girl that sits in front of you in math.

4. School Pictures

Do you remember those paper envelopes with a check in it that your mom sent because she wanted pictures of you? The ones that had the photo company all over it and the “packages” on the back? No longer will you be called to the office or going to homeroom to pick up your pictures and showing them to your friends. There isn’t anymore “picture days” to look good for.

5. Passing Notes

It’s much less fun to pass notes, when the teacher probably doesn’t care. You’re paying to be there, they’ll teach with or without you. Gone are the days of passing notes about the person you like and dying of embarrassment when the teacher picks it up and reads it to the class.

6. Free Education

Before senior year, your biggest cost in school was buying the school supplies. Throughout college you pay for meals, tuition, room and board, books, supplies, etc. There is so much to pay, so many scholarships to sign up for, and so much to get done.

7. Teachers keeping up with you

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little annoying. In college it’s a whole different ballpark. You are responsible for you. Your grades don’t depend on the teacher begging you to turn in that worksheet you forgot to do again. You didn’t do it, you get a zero. Some teachers will ask you a few times, but there is very little babying that occurs throughout college.

8. Walking to Class

Most colleges are an open campus. There are different buildings for classes and you might have to trek from one end of campus to another. Rarely do people walk their friends to class (or their significant others) throughout college. Although it’s sad that I will never say goodbye to my friend and rush to a class down the hall, I won’t miss that couple that keeps kissing in front of the door.

9. Open House

About a week before classes every year you went to open house. That’s where you met your teacher, figured out what you’ll need for each class (and bring everything the first day even though you never use it) and see your friends after the summer. You met all your teachers and got so excited for the year to come.

10. Common Ages in Grade levels

For most of your life you’ve categorized yourself under how many years you’ve been in school. People asked, “What grade are you in?” and you confidently responded. Throughout college, you will not have that as much. People move at different speeds and someone could be doing graduate work at 20, and another can be a freshman at 55. There is a wide variety of people in your classes, you will not have the same age group over and over.

11. Ditching Class

Skipping in high school had an essence of fear to it. It was scary that you could get caught or get in trouble, even if you are a seasoned skipper, you still look over your shoulder. There is less of a rush to skip class in college. No more ducking out hoping a teacher doesn’t see you or pretending to be sick to go home early.

12. Dances and Prom

Sadie Hawkins, Valentine’s Day Dance, Prom, Homecoming. These are lovely memories for all of us, but that’s all they will be. Memories. Sometimes you can find something similar that has been thrown by a sorority, but you will not see handmade posters for a Sadie Hawkins dance in the hallway.

13. Movies in Class

Wait, what?! You mean I can’t watch that one drama movie again?! So many times you heard the excited murmuring moving through your class when the teacher has planned to show a movie. Sometimes their educational, but towards the end of the year they tend to just be whatever movie they grabbed. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen Forrest Gump.

14. Scheduling

There is no strict time to show up and leave. No early release or late arrival for seniors. The world of morning bells and the huge amount of people rushing out the doors in the afternoon are over. You could have an early class, or you could have a night class. There isn’t a start and stop time for college.

15. The friends we made.

Everyone is soon going to be separated, and will no longer be just a short car ride away. Some are staying in town, others may be thousands of miles away. Tearful goodbyes and emails from halfway across the country are in the future for all of us.

These things aren’t going to last forever, but you still have a few weeks to cherish them. We will miss the people and teachers that helped us grow, but we know that the best is yet to come. College is next, where we will make amazing memories. Here is to the class of 2020!

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